I kinda wanted to wear my Halloween tights downtown tonight but I didn’t because it’s the day *after* Halloween. Then I was walking up Liberty and a man my age or older (or maybe younger, I can’t always tell) was wearing a *dinosaur* suit. Oh yeah, it’s the Planet Ann Arbor, so why the heck didn’t I wear my orange skull and crossbones tights?

I have to say that if tights are part of your Uniform (and they are definitely part of my Winter Uniform), the company that made my Halloween tights makes the most comfortable tights ever. I am a pretty average sized person so I can find tights that fit fairly comfortably but I have still experienced the pulling/tugging problem. Snag tights claim to be able to fit anyone. Check it out. I had to kind of guess at the size but what I ordered fit beautifully. I am planning to order some of their solid colored tights (raspberry, red, aqua, purple).

The one issue I had was that somehow I managed to order from the Euro site, so they took FOREVER to get here. Apparently they also have a US site. When I order again, I will make sure I order from *that* site and we’ll see how it goes. Whatever happens, I have lots of decent tights so it doesn’t really matter how soon they get here although I was anxious to get the Halloween tights in time for the holiday.

Speaking of holidays. Okay, Halloween is over. That means that I will turn around about three times and it’ll be Thanksgiving and then I’ll blink a couple times and xmas will be here. I am kinda not ready…

One Response to “Blaaaaaahg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, we’ll turn around and run straight into a new holiday. Yikes. I’m not ready either. I wear lots of athletic leggings but not many tights. I’ve had great luck with Under Armour.