One o’ them thar boring bullet point days

I wanted to tell a story today. A good *old* one. But I couldn’t tell it without a certain photoooo of me in a certain ski outfit. And I cannot find that pic tonight (MUST get photooos organized…). I also did not manage to get a pic of Mr. Golden Sun making a gorgeous exit. Why not? Because I was driving in a long line of vee-hickles across a bridge over a couple freeways (and once a homeless encampment in the woods between them but that’s long gone).

So. Did KW change her clocks this weekend? Yes, she did. Actually the only clocks she has to change are for Gertrude (easy as pie) and Ninja, also pretty easy. She is guessing that Mooon Yooonit changes her own clock. So 2019.

You do not want to know about KW’s work today. Not because it was bad. Simply because it would be boring. She finished up a lot of loose ends and that was about it but she expects to fall into a rabbit hole tomorrow.

Hem hem, there is a fun *event* scheduled for us a couple days from now and I somehow managed to make dinner reservations for it today. I have used this system before but this time I flubbed the number of people and ended up calling to make sure we got it right. Of course, the restaurant was only to happy to oblige my request to *increase* the number of diners.

My commute home looked hosed AGAIN so instead of committing myself to sitting in a long queue, I took a longer route. It was *much* less congested and I arrived home *earlier* than I would have if I had taken my usual route.

It is never funny that so many people are homeless but honest to jeebus, when our Indian colleagues say something like “Lots of people are homeless in India” while giggling like crazy… India may have a lot of homeless people (it has a lot of *people*) but I still think that India will be the next to take over the world. That said, I think my colleagues do care about homeless folks, both here and in their home country. But they laugh when we ask about how India handles the homeless because, well, I am outta words.

One Response to “One o’ them thar boring bullet point days”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Have you seen the film “Lion?” It was an eye opener about India. I still have many clocks to change manually, so I get grumpy about the time changes.