Suspicious Outside Thing

So yesterday, Amazon Woman delayed a meeting a few minutes because there was something “suspicious” outside that she and Building Mom needed to investigate. When I arrived this morning there was a strange truck outside and someone from that truck was talking to Building Mom and I could overhear bits and pieces of various conversations about the Suspicious Outside Thing but I couldn’t really put it all together until AW announced it at the stand-up meeting. Apparently I got to work after the cops left.

Okay. So. The Suspicious Thing was a *camera* mounted to a utility pole and pointed at our sparsely populated parking lot. The geekier members of our team proclaimed it a “professional” job. It was mounted on the pole with plumbing clamps and a solar panel was mounted above it to keep the battery going. (I guess, I am a geek but these people are waaaaay ahead of me.)

The question? Who mounted it? Weeeee didn’t mount it. The landlord didn’t mount it. Was it some grad student doing waterbird counts? Or a disgruntled husband checking up on the comings and goings of his wife? Or?

The person talking to building mom this morning was a security person contracted by Cubelandia. He took the cam off the pole and it will be sent to a mothership satellite for further inspection. It was apparently equipped to send pics/video to a cell phone somewhere and we have the sim card, so.

This afternoon. A few of us were in an impromptu meeting that was suddenly interrupted when we noticed this pickup truck stopping right in front of the utility pole from which we had removed the camera. Somebody said, “That’s an odd place to stop.” We watched with rapt attention! What is he gonna do? He got out of the truck! He started walking around the back. He kicked some dirt/salt around a bit. He didn’t look up at the utility pole at all. Not our man. Actually we figured out he was associated with our lawn/snow service. Poor guy. I wonder if he knew how intently he was being watched.

It’ll be a while before we know what the heck the cam was for, if ever. If we ever find out and if it passes the “I-can’t-blahg-about-that” test, I’ll provide an update. Don’t hold your breath.

P.S. Only a pluviophile would have enjoyed today on The Planet Ann Arbor.

One Response to “Suspicious Outside Thing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t consider myself a pluviophile, although some Washingtonians do love the rain. I prefer it to ice or wind. Hope you can tell us about the cam; I’m intensely curious!