Over the river and through the woods…

…To Florida Man’s House we go (and no, this pic was not taken in Fla). Seriously, it was raining catz and dogz when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk this AM and we didn’t even consider that 45 miles north of here there would be a couple inches of snow. Our bad. This is the Great Lake State and it’s December…

So we drove up to Grand Blanc and took our brother out to breakfast this morning. He is distraught about losing his dog. But as FlaMan does, he got rolling from talking about his dog into other stories about his life now and in earlier days. Do NOT misunderstand! He is not in any stage of dementia. Not at all! He loves his family but he has had an interesting life and is more focused on his own memories than my life or your life or the GG’s life. He sometimes strays off into not-safe-for-work-territory but it is what it is and what worked today was to let him talk and I think it’s what he needed. I am a decent listener [usually] and that’s what I did today.

I do not lie when I say that Jax Junior was a sweet dog. He was popular with both FlaMan’s neighbors and the housecleaning staff. Jax was a small dachshund and he wasn’t a lickety dog, nor did he jump on people. The first time I met Jax, we were in Florida for an actual FUN vacation and we went to pick up FlaMan to take him out to dinner. We had the Frog Hopper and I was about to jump around into the back seat so FlaMan could ride in the front but FlaMan pulled out his scooter, put Jax in a box mounted onto the front of it and said, “Follow me!” And so we did. FlaMan and Jax led us to a wings-type bar just outside the trailer park and we had a wonderful dinner sitting outside there.

A little over a year ago, the GG and I took what turned out to be a Rocket LSD Trip to Fla to pick up our brother and his dog and move them to The Great Lake State. All right, we were traveling with a UHaul trailer, various oxygen contraptions, and a dog. Our brother and Jax turned out to be wonderful travel companions but. It was interesting for me to stay in dog-friendly motels because yes, the first thing Jax did when we entered our Best Western room in Macon was mark his territory (and why am I not wearing shoes in here?). The second night (Dayton) I went to bed and next thing I knew, there was a sweet little doggie snuggled up next to my side.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I like dogs, and am sorry for the loss of FlaMan’s sweet dachshund. I’m attached to my cat, and she’s also snuggly, but I don’t allow her in my bedroom. She’s nocturnal and I’d get no sleep. Plus, I don’t like cat hair all over my bed. 🙂