New car? Yes.

My dad had a “Jack Finlayson” plaque that designated a parking space for him at the Sault Ste. Siberia First National Bank when I was a kid. Although he walked to work a lot… His parking plaque is now hanging out upstairs at the moomincabin.

It was always okay for us to park in the bank parking lot no matter what we were doing downtown. “Oh, we’ll just park in the bank lot.” For a while, when you exited the bank lot you had to deal with a barrier of sorts. Did we have to put coins or tokens in it to make it lift up and let us out? I can’t exactly remember. I do know that once, The Commander was trying to exit and it came down on her car. No one was injured.

For most of my duration at Cubelandia I have had a designated parking space. I do not have a plaque. I am just the only person who parks over in the third row. By the pond.

It always cracks me up that (I suspect) my dad didn’t really know what the heck he wanted to do when he grew up but he ended up being a banker. He was very good at that career but I kind of think he took it up to try and make sure his family had enough money. And we did although we were certainly not rich.

To me, it is ironic that I work for the online banking industry. My dad knew that I was good at math and stuff like that but what he didn’t understand was how my math stuff would translate into the systems analyst I am today. I don’t think dad knew that term…

He did know me though and I think he would have approved of my career and my parking space at Cubelandia. And yes I/we have a new car. Last summer. But I will still be driving my Ninja at least for a while longer.

P.S. The main reason I wrote this lame post was to say that somebody asked me if I had a new car yesterday and I’m thinking the only reason they noticed it is because I always park in the same place, in the third row over by the pond, where nobody else ever parks except the occasional bird watcher. And I forgot to write it!🐽

One Response to “New car? Yes.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Teachers at school could be very territorial about their parking spots. It was supposed to be first come, first serve, so I always got the same place, although late comers had to take pot luck. 🙂 Sometimes we fall in to careers and it’s pretty amazing. I’m hoping for that for my kids who are both in job doldrums and uncertainty right now.