Better or worse but not lunch

Or breakfast in this case. Oh man, I sooooo miss my SACRED period of morning spacification before schlepping off to Cubelandia. I would go for my 0-skunk-30 (which was SKUNKY as all getout today!), come home for a wee brek and my regular morning chore routine. Mainly make lunch, clean chitchen sink and bathroom fixtures, sometimes laundry stuff and/or empty dishwasher. I could be in and out of the Blue and Only Bathroom at will. Gotta “do” my face, roight? 🙄

I am not feeling it these days. I get home from my 0-skunk-30 and *someone* is hanging out in the Blue and Only Bathroom… And just generally in my quiet space. This cannot be. I hate to say it but after all these years, I am thinking we need a second bathroom? I mean, we raised two children in this loverly little dump, female children no less, and even during their teenage years, I don’t *ever* remember bathroom space being anything more than an occasional issue. As I always tell gals behind me in the line for the one-person Oscar Tango ladies room, I grew up using an outhouse so I am FAST! (Rumor has it that once I apparently said a version of that to Mouse’s then-boss although I had no clue she had any relationship to Mouse at all.)

I doubt that a new bathroom is in the cards for this house. I cannot figger for the life of me where the heck we’d put a second bathroom. I suppose if it is mainly for the use of my morning interloper, we could rig up a rudimentary terlet/shower area in the Landfill Dungeon? The Freakout Chamber maybe? I bet that would not increase the value of our house, not that we care all that much since we don’t plan to sell it.

We did hook up a basement shower for the duration of living in the Landfill while gutting the Blue and Only Bathroom but not a terlet. Fortunately, there was only one night that we had to do without a terlet and the back yard was just fine that particular night. Winter solstice coincided with the new moon so no one could see anything in our yard after dark and it was also 50-something degrees(!) so you didn’t freeze yer you-know-what. Not all that much different than running back to the moomincabin outhouse on a 50-something summertime yooperland day except for no terlet seat.

Okay, I think I have totally lost any train of thought I may have started out with! Am I done? I guess so and you’re welcome. 🐸 Have I accomplished anything? No. 🐽

One Response to “Better or worse but not lunch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Perhaps a portapotty in your back yard? Or is showering an issue? I speak as someone who has three bathrooms, all with toilets, and showers, and two with tubs. It’s glorious, especially when 4 people are staying with me, like at Christmas. 🙂