Bringing a bit of summer into my wintertime chitchen

I don’t like to have toooo much tech around. At least not the personal kind of tech that I have to haul around. My iPhone is my main computer and my camera and my MacBook Pro is my computer for when I want to type something longer than a text message (although I can dooooo that on my phone). I gave my iPad away. It was just tooooo much for me to deal with three devices.

So I was a bit skeptical when I received a pitcher* frame for xmas. Will I use it? It turns out that I enjoy having it on my counter flipping through pics. There’s a whole bunch of moomincabin pics and then there’s Lizard Breath out snowshoeing and Old Weird Mac with his wife also snowshoeing and FlaMan (not snowshoeing) and… Who the heck is that doggy? He looks a lot like my old buddy Ernie except I don’t think he has eyes? Well, no this dog does not have eyes. I don’t know the dog so it took me a few cycles to process that pic. (Ernie was one of my brother’s dogs and he’s been dead of old age crapola for a few years.) I think I would love this eyeless doggie.

*Pitcher is a nod to our old Benevolent Despot aka the LSCHP. He was well educated with a masters in chemistry and whatever it takes to be a rabbi and a few other things and I’m sure he knew perfectly well how to pronounce “picture” but he enjoyed saying “pitcher” anyway.

We had a busy busy day of meetings at Cubelandia punctuated by lunch at Everest Sherpa Restaurant where you can get Indian/Nepalese/Tibetan food along with trekking tours in the Himalayas. There is a mannequin dressed up as a mountain climber in the vestibule and I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince FZ that they had imported a corpse from Everest to Ann Arbor.

Oh yeah, fob folks! FZ has the same model car as Mooon Yooonit except his is a hybrid. He has a fob and until I told him today, he did not know he could lock and unlock his doors by touching the handles. But then, until he bought his RAV4, he had been nursing a Toyota sedan that was old enough to drink until he was told it could no longer be resuscitated. He didn’t buy his RAV4 because I had one even though we bought ours before he bought his. In fact when he bought his, he was surprised that I already had one. I was at the moomincabin when the GG picked ours up and I was pretty exclusively driving the Ninja to work when we got back. And I don’t crow much about new vee-hickles. You need one, you buy one. That’s about it. If you can afford one but that’s a whole nother topic and a difficult one…

2 Responses to “Bringing a bit of summer into my wintertime chitchen”

  1. Mark Says:

    Being on our 5th Toy Yoda, if there is anything thing that do help you, please call out for help.

  2. Margaret Says:

    The more tech, the more to go wrong. I have my iPhone, and my laptop. That’s pretty much it. My laptop is Windows, so they can’t mess with each other. 🙂