Rat’s patoot

The bad news is that I did the google and found out that the Marsh King’s Daughter was filmed in… drum roll… Georgia? Say what?

This is disappointing but I suppose the Upper Tahquamenon Falls is not the only spectacular waterfall in the country (I mean there’s Niagara for one, for Pete’s sake). Probably they can find one somewhere in Georgia with 94 steps or thereabouts down to a wooden platform. The surrounding flora will be different and I wonder if there’ll be tannin in the water. People who don’t know better sometimes think the Tahquamenon River is hopelessly polluted because of it’s its brown color. Not. It’s tannin that makes it that color and it is a natural, organic substance. Anyway, to be fair, the upper Tahq falls only plays a cameo role in the book although the family lives close enough to it to walk there.

I’m more curious about how they will deal with the winter scenes. Most winters the yooperland basically freezes solid. A marsh is not easy to navigate in warmer seasons because it is *water*. In the book the family uses a canoe a lot of the time. In the winter? All that water freezes and you can walk all over the place. If the snow is deep, you strap some snowshoes on. We have marshes swamps behind the moomincabin and across the road from the Group Home at Hoton Lake. Neither of them have enough water to be able to navigate them by canoe but I have walked/skied/snowshoe-d in them many a time when they were frozen. No skiis skis for the Marsh King family but the king had some old Iverson snowshoes and he made his daughter a home-made pair.

So will they do some sort of CGI thing to make things look wintery? Or will they eliminate the winter scenes? Or just use the kind of “wimpy” (apologies to my Georgian friends 🐽) snow that Georgia gets? I know that Georgia *gets* snow from time to time. I also know that it doesn’t stay around long or pile up into big drifts and, well, I won’t say anything more because well, possible spoiler alert. I don’t think anything else in this post is close to being a spoiler. If they do try to do some winter scenes and choose a wimpy venue for snow, I don’t suppose it’ll matter much to the umpteen-gazillion folks who have never experienced a yooperland winter because they won’t have a clue.

And with that, I need to get cracking because we are going to porterize ourselves at Knight’s tonight. Yes I know it is a Tuesday. Hit Publish, KW! Typos and malapropisms be damned!

2 Responses to “Rat’s patoot”

  1. Sam Says:

    No waterfalls here in GA compare to Tahquamenon…NONE. And no water here freezes like Tahquamenon.

    You are so right.

    But, but, but: GA has movie-making tax credits…and, I think Michigan USED TO have movie-making tax credits.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That’s a shame, and it won’t be as much fun if/when you see it!