The good old days

Here are a couple photooooos I took about a gazillion years ago at the Moldy Old version of the Hoton Lake cabin. I don’t remember taking these photos because at that time of my life I did not generally take a lot of photoooos. I didn’t begin taking lots of photos until …dun dun dun… we bought our first digital camera, an early Sony Mavica that stored photos on a floppy disc. I took a lot of pics on that thing and then I upgraded to a few new digital cams that required a much smaller disc and THEN… dun dun dun… I got an iPhone. 2007. I kinda pooh-poohed the iPhone when they first announced it and then suddenly I became an early adopter. Why? I dunno, it’s complicated. And yes buying two of those “puppies” (as my now retaaaared colleague W1.5 called them) felt like committing financial suicide back in 2007. When I began working (as a student intern) at Cubelandia right after I bought an iPhone, I was one of the few people who owned one and people were kinda like, “Can I touch it?” (And prob’ly thinking something like, “How the heck does a STUDENT INTERN have enough money to own an iPhone?”)

So I guess I took these pics but I can’t remember what camera I was using. It certainly wasn’t a digital camera because those had not been invented yet.

First up, we have the GG using the telephone. Brrrrrring Brrrring Brrrrrring. Answer the phone. Yes that is a phone. It sits on the counter and when it rings, people jump to answer it. Who is calling? Who do they want to talk to? “Hello! Is Mr. Magoo there?” For quite a few years after I met the GG and went to Hoton Lake with him there was no phone in the cabin at all. But we’ll talk about old-skool telephonia some other day because here is the GG (on the phone) and his wonderful father The Gumper who is hanging out in his beloved kingdom. 10 children, 19 grandchildren…

And here is The Gumper talking with (apparent) great seriousness to his 12th grandchild. His 13th through 19th were not born yet. I don’t know what he was talking to his 12th granddaughter about but we miss this guy. He was a good dad and granddad and I always felt like he was my dad too (not to diminish the fact that I had my own beloved dad). She (and her baby sis, who was his 13th grandchild) were his “little chickies”.

I really need to re-scan all of our old photoooos. I know there are now iPhone apps that do the work we once LABORIOUSLY did via putting photos into scanners one at a time in a twinkling (a bunch of photos at a time and they even get straightened out and cropped nicely). I feel like I still need to save the originals because new technology will continuously replace what we have now. Whatever, I have a mess of photos to sort out. Our nuclear family photos plus older Fin and Mac and cFam photos that we have inherited and have ended up in the Landfill Dungeon.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Old school scanning is mind numbing; I’m glad there’s now a better way!!