Remembered to pack olive oil and red wine vinegar and even… NUTMEG!

But forgot to pack tights! Tights are an integral layer in my winter wardrobe so this just plain sucks! I have one pair of tights. The one I’m wearing. Can I actually wear the same pair of tights for four days without washing them? No I cannot. So. I can either hit up a Woldemort somewhere to see if they have some tights I can tolerate (I order mine from Snag Tights in the UK and this is not a commercial but they are GREAT tights) or I can wash them by hand every night and hope they dry by the time I need them the next morning. (I am at Hoton Lake tonight so I have the luxury of washing them in a *washing musheen*, a ridiculously small but necessary load.)

But maybe you are wondering about NUTMEG? Why do I need nutmeg? (Which I keep typing as “nutmet”…) Because it is an integral ingredient in “my” lasagna and I am putting together two lasagnas up at Tahquamenon tomorrow night. I made (and froze) the sauces last weekend and have all the rest of the ingredients packed and ready to put the whole shebang together. As I was swinging around the Landfill Chitchen after work today collecting lasagna ingredients and other things we can’t live without, NUTMEG flashed into my head. We need only the teensiest tinesiest little smidge for lasagna but it wouldn’t be the same (at least not to me) without nutmet nutmeg (see?). (I put it in the filling, which is a couple eggs, ricotta, pepper and the teensiest smidge of nutmeg.)

I did NOT forget to pack the new snowshoes that arrived from REI on Tuesday. Actually I didn’t even have to think about packing them because the GG was so excited about that REI box that I let him open it and he whisked them away and packed them right then. 🐭 had already guessed the contents of the box. But hey KW, you already have snowshoes. The truth is I have not found a pair of snowshoes I’ve been totally satisfied with yet. I do NOT get along with the old fashioned wooden ones. They are terrible on slippery hill terrain and the leather bindings would always expand as I walked to the point where they got loose and I would walk OUT of the bindings. And the modern pair I bought a couple years ago are, I dunno, a larger “footprint” than I’m comfortable with. So we’ll see how these new kinda fancy ones work out.

And that is more than you want to know about tights, nutmet nutmeg, and snowshoes.

G’night, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I think it’s because we’re always afraid we’ll forget those unusual items that we sometimes forget to pack essentials. Or we assume we already have. I tend to forget pjs. With all the travel I do, I have a kit with toiletries that I keep in my suitcase, so I won’t forget any of that stuff.