Speaking of long johns base layers

I got “in trouble” over the weekend for taking my smartwool “base layer” off in the Tahq DNR lodge living room right in front of a whole bunch of (mostly old) people of different sexes and I dunno who else, god and some of his cronies maybe. I was told I should have done that deed in the bathroom.

Well, okay, I was wearing a long wool skirt over my base layer and I tugged the base layer down without “hiking up” my skirt and then grabbed at the lower end of it when the waistband got far enough below my knees that I could pull the whole thing off. AND I had tights on underneath everything, so NO ONE saw even the teensiest tinesiest bit of skin, not even my well-turned ankle. I would’ve *dived* for the bathroom if I’d had any inkling that a wardrobe malfunction was imminent.

I had actually figgered that no one was watching me do my minor bit of stripping. Our group is (mostly) past a certain age and we really do NOT CARE and I don’t think most of those folks noticed. The younger folks (who we are HAPPY to have) were busy gabbling away, which was WONDERFUL. They certainly weren’t paying attention to me pulling my base layer off under my skirt at the other end of the living room.

One Response to “Speaking of long johns base layers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not in serious trouble, I hope? Just some good-natured razzing? Modesty is highly overrated in close quarters among friends and family. 🙂