Old dog, new trick

I have transferred a whole lot of the chores of my life to my iPhone. I’m not gonna list them all but, like a lot of other folks, I use the internet for all kinds of things I used to have to do by hand. Today for the first time, I took a Lyft.

The GG was off hiking in O-haaa-o with his girlfriends today and the older beach urchin came over to visit her taaaarrred old mooma. We walked down to the Griz for lunch and then hoofed it up to Literati. The beach urchin bought some boooooks and yer fav-o-rite blahgger wandered around reading the staff reviews of books that she’s already read or are on her TBR list. I *almost* exclusively read books on my phone. I know all of the pros and cons surrounding this issue and I say, ifya wanna read physical books, GO FOR IT! If not, read ’em on yer kindle or your iPhone.

Anyway, after that? “We” ordered a Lyft! We rode with Pamela and it was an exciting first Lyft ride because something was going on down at the homeless shelter that involved multiple emergency vee-hickles (like 4-5 plus another faaaar enjin comin’ down Huron behind us). I dunno what was happening but we got past that and we helped point out to Pamela (who is a new Lyft driver as of a week ago) that Dexter is a more direct route to the Plum than Jackson. It was a great ride and I haven’t downloaded the app yet but it’s on my list.

I’m not sure if even now you can get Uber/Lyft in Sault Ste. Siberia but I can’t help thinking that a similar kind of service geared toward people like the Comm might’ve helped her get around after I had to lock her car up in the moomincabin garage. (I have to note that I let her keep car keys, garage door openers, and helped her replace her driver’s license the day she/we lost it during a visit to her house. Dignity!!!!)

Anyway, we dropped off a special mouse mug at the Plum and then we walked home. Er, home for me anyway and I suppose home for the beach urchins, given that they were born and raised in this house.

We ended the afternoon sitting on the Green Couch, talking and sharing pics and videos of cute aminals and whatever. The Green Couch is in approximately the same location as where the Reading Chair was when the beach urchins were small enough to sit in my lap there. I couldn’t find a pic of meeeee reading to a beach urchin in the Reading Chair but I did find this one of the older one feeding the younger (newborn) one a bottle and “softing” the newborn baby’s head.

One Response to “Old dog, new trick”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve done Uber (in Montreal mainly, with Ashley’s help) but haven’t done Lyft. I read books on my ancient tablet, my iPhone and in print. There are advantages to each.