A tour through our Polar Vortex winter on the Ice Road Asteroid (Ann Arbor 2014)

First, this is the sidewalk in front of The Landfill. It looked like this most of the winter. That is NOT usual for the Planet Ann Arbor. It looks exactly like the sidewalk in front of my shabby little childhood bungalow in Sault Ste. Siberia. Us kids used to walk on TOP of the snowbanks.

We used to dig caves in our snowbanks too. This was on Washington Street and I wonder whose parent grew up in the yooperland or somewhere similar and helped their kids do this. Or maybe some enterprising kiddo figgered it out all on his/her own.

This is Cubelandia on a day when the forecast was 45 degrees. We were all ecstatic about that. Instead we got a blizzard and thundersnow.

It was sunny this day but at the front of this loooooong line of vee-hickles heading out of Cubelandia is a stoplight at the top of a very slight incline. Many folks could not get through the light when it turned green. Spinning taaaars? Apparently our own Farmer John helped push a number of vee-hickles through the intersection. I had the Frog Hopper (AWD Outback) and some rusty yooperland driving instincts so when I *finally* got to the light, I did not have a problem.

And here is a road NOT traveled, even with the Frog Hopper. It’s a back road out in the county somewhere. I can’t even remember where. There is a steep downhill, then a steep uphill on the other side. We encountered a person walking toward us whose vee-hickle slid off the road somewhere down there and he couldn’t get up either side. I am so glad we turned around at this point. I was freaked out just looking at the “edge”.

Here is the ice just outside my door. I wish Keen still sold that particular red color of sandals.

We managed to get to Hoton Lake one weekend and the GG lost his iPhone in the process of hauling all of our crapola into the cabin. Thanks to Find my iPhone, we recovered it A COUPLE HOURS LATER under the snow. IT STILL WORKED!

Here is yer fav-o-rite blahgger looking forward to summer and kayaking and pontoon bote rides to the tiki bar.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Quite a winter!! I remember many of these pics.