Blissfully unaware

Aaaarrrgh. I did not look at or listen to news media all day. A text late in the afternoon informed me (gleefully? 🐽) That Bernie had “won” the Nevada caucus. I have been listening to folk music on some satty-lite radio channel most of the day and I *still* have not checked Twitter (news sources) to find out what is going on in Nevada.

I did chores and errands in between reading a really fun book (Into the Drowning Deep). Sci-fi sorta stuff on Planet Earth (Mariana Trench) with blood-thirsty Mermaids and climate change issues and a smattering of pot-boiler stuff thrown in. (“Pot-boiler” being one of The Commander’s words for certain books.) In this particular book, the pot-boiler stuff involves a couple of characters who are resisting falling in love with each other and one of them says something like, “This isn’t the Love Boat”. Flashback for me to when the GG and I used to go to Hoton Lake before we were married and one night we were settling down for the night in the fold-out bed in the front room and Love Boat came on the TV and I was like, “Love Boat!” I enjoyed that show at the time and he learned something about me that night. At any rate, this book is a good read.

Oh yeah, Nevada. So Bernie won or so I’m told. I will vote for anyone (including Bernie) who is nominated to run against Trump. I STILL don’t understand why anyone believes that the Orange Baboon cares about anyone or anything except himself (and maybe Ivanka). I just don’t get it.

That said, I am underwhelmed by the roster of candidates that the Democratic party is putting up. I agree with Bernie’s policies, at least some of them. Who doesn’t? But in reality, they are not going to fly, at least not in the short term. If he ends up running against tRump and actually wins, not a whole lot will change. But I do not think he will beat the Orange Baboon because I don’t think a lot of people who might be on the fence will vote for his platform even if his policies could benefit them. I’m not sure being “not Trump” will make Bernie win but also not sure the other democratic candidates could win either. But I WILL vote for whoever runs against the Orange Baboon.

Okay, so here is this loverly xmas ball display down on Chapin Street that I saw on my way to The Griz last night. Color and light!

P.S. I STILL have not looked at NV caucus results.

4 Responses to “Blissfully unaware”

  1. UU Says:

    Anne-Ask your self:
    Are you a globalist?
    For open borders?
    For communism?

    Against capitalism?

    The choices are clear.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    None of these issues are black and white to me. I am not for or against any of these things. I want us to define REQUIREMENTS and carefully translate them into policy.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Bernie is my least favorite candidate for several reasons, but I too will vote for him if I must. The alternative is unacceptable. I don’t want to live in the oligarchy/dictatorship that we’re headed toward. (or have already arrived at)

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I am NOT a Bernie fan (too old for one thing, had a heart attack for another thing, and not a single policy of his will come to fruition if republicans keep the senate). But I will vote for a ROCK over trump.