Ramble, Ramble, Grumble or Whatever

In other words, I have nothing to focus on today. I feel like I’m behind on my homework. I don’t know if I really am or not. Oh, okay, yes I am. Graphic design seems to come so easily for so many people and I agonize over every little bit and piece. What font? What size? What color? Gradient? Skew or rotate? Opacity? Yeek. We did guerilla logo-making today in Web Imaging III. 4-8 logos in an hour or so, depending on whether you worked with a partner or not. I love this class. I mean that and I doubt that the teacher reads ababsurdo so I’m not brown-nosing — I always hated kids who did that. But it’s a challenging class and I knew that going in and there are a lot of very talented people in there with me. Let’s just say my brain is fried today and I won’t be putting a dent into Sandy or jcb’s businesses any time soon. 🙂 And I’m still struggling with writing a resume. The issue at this point is something called “transferrable skills.” I actually believe that I have some of those. But how do you transfer “I was the glue” into resume-speak? I dunno but I’ll figure something out… Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let skiing or blahgging or whatever distract you from doing your homework. Boy, do I have a lot to do before Thursday. And this weekend I’ll be slugging on the couch by the front window cuddling with my powermacbook.

One Response to “Ramble, Ramble, Grumble or Whatever”

  1. elizabeth carter Says:

    Hello! Love looking at your blogs and the ways you’ve updated your web, its looking great. All this studying you’ve done is paying off. Congradulations!
    Me, I’m staying inside, keeping warm and reading a lot, its Heaven. Want to xc ski when I’m done staying warm.
    By the way, I talked to Joanny and shes really doing better and better after all, shes been driving a truck for about 9 months at this point, now shes getting some winter experience on the road between Michigan and the US border near El Paso, Texas. Some times were real bad for her on the road but shes figured out a lot of tricks to outsmart the game and shes winning it. Shes so cool! she DRIVES an 18 wheeler! The name of the trucking company is Northfield. Their rating is not so good, driver flaws etc. so she has to work especially hard to keep her record books in order for the weigh station check points, or she could get a ticket more easily than another trucking company might. Shes being Paid!