And when that trailer gets a-rockin’

Man oh man, were we rocking around in the Lyme Lounge this afternoon. And do NOT getcher mind in the gutter. Nothing exciting was going on INSIDE our trailer except for reading, “day-drinking”, and crafting (mainly the GG making knots). We were rocking because we were parked in a big, mostly empty parking lot in an urban state park on the shore of Lake Erie and the wind was blowing a gale.

When we first parked, I wasn’t sure I would like all of the rocking around but in a weird kind of way it turned out to help with the low-level anxiety issues I’ve been dealing with (as we all have!). Lake Erie ain’t Gitchee Gumee. For one thing, the Monroe nuclear power plant is visible just to the south of this state park. But I’ll take it.

I had a minor kerfuffle at the end of our trip involving the first Instacart order I’ve ever made. I’ll talk about that some other day. It worked out very well and those people need to be PAID MORE and I think when (if?) we ever get out onto the other side of this shitola, I may start using grocery delivery services more frequently, at least for things I don’t want to pick out myself. I WILL TIP WELL!

Sooo… KW… What are you reading? I have read a wide variety of books since the new year and I have read some very good ones. The book I am reading right now is “The Dollmaker” by Harriet Arnow. It’s about a woman from Kentucky who moves her family to the Detroit area during WWII. Her husband has been “drafted” to work in a factory near Willow Run (we drove past that area today on the freeway) and they go to join him. I read this book many years ago and loved it. It flew by somewhere on social media last week and I thought, “I NEED TO READ THAT BOOK AGAIN!” And so I am. And I am LOVING IT!

I’ve somehow gotten onto a jag of reading books with characters in and/or from Kentucky this year and someday I might try to coherently blahg about that.

“Day drinking?” A wee slow sipping of beer and whine. We were not sitting out there getting rip-roaring drunk.

2 Responses to “And when that trailer gets a-rockin’”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I was disappointed in my on-line order, but it certainly wasn’t their fault that they were out of things. (I blogged about it, so I won’t bore you with the details) I am trying to read a mystery by Andrea Camilleri, who also wrote “The Shape of Water.” (did you see the film?) Anyway, it’s either been terribly translated or it’s not that great so far. I’ll give it more time. I switched to a library download by Peter May, who wrote the “Lewis Trilogy” and I like him much better. I also bought “Song of Achilles” which I know I’ll love since “Circe” was one of my favorite reads.

  2. l4827 Says:

    You know, wine and beer got the country through Prohibition, probably will help now too. BTW, some of us worked on the Fermi nuclear plant construction. The reactor’s concrete pedestal (elevation and verification) crew, no less.