Send me sum jooce! Grok grok grok.

Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy is just no dern good t’day. Grok grok. She’s got a lot t’ say but nuthin’ that’s worth lissenin’ to. grok grok. She’s blatherin’ on ‘n’ on about javvy-scrip’ agin ‘n’ that makes us cute li’l froggies git a li’l nervus. grok grok. Meanwhile, we gotta ol’ proglem aroun’ here. Grok grok. We are outta frog jooce! Grok grok. I put frog jooce on Ol’ Baggy’s grokkery list ‘n’ she said she bought sum but all there is in th’ refrigy-matater is sumthin’ called froot punch! Grok grok grok. Yick. Grok grok grok. Me ‘n’ ol’ Smokie have *got* t’ have frog jooce t’ eggzist! Grok grok. C’n one o’ you goofy ol’ peepul that reads Ol’ Baggy’s blahg send us sum frog jooce? Grok grok. I calledya goofy ’cause only sumbuddy purty goofy’d read Ol’ Baggy’s blahg. Grok grok. Just email me at froggy at ababsurdo dot com ‘n’ I’ll givya th’ lan’fill address. Grok grok. ‘n’ ya c’n charge th’ postij t’ Ol’ Baggy’s a-count at th’ post office. Grok grok. She shore spends a lotta time over at th’ ol’ post office. Grok grok grok. oops, here comes O’ Baggy! G’night! grok grok.

2 Responses to “Send me sum jooce! Grok grok grok.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Hey, Froggy – while you’re at it, can you conjure up some *orange* juice? we’re plum out here, and I did NOT have a chance to stop and get some between work/taking Valdemort and Nook and Mom out for supper/gassing up DGSLD and scrambling to get to band (late, as it was).

    Bad enough I had to miss my OJ this morning; worse that it’s gonna be 2 days in a row. (3, if you count that there was only a “swallow’s worth” yesterday 🙁 )

  2. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy’s got plenty o’ orangutang jooce! grok grok. I’ll run som o’ that stuff up on my flyin’ musheen. grok grok.