Shoreline Dream #2349378

I had a whopper of a Shoreline Dream during my last bout of REM sleep this morning. I had a frickin’ LOT of weird REM sleep last night and although I never woke up in some kind of sweaty panic (thank you very much because I’d’ve been thinking I had oh you know), this one was enough to force me out of bed and into the great outdoors, which calmed me down immensely.

I always hate when people try to recount their dreams in detail because YAWN! So I won’t but some of the features were 1) a strange version of our own Round Island with fancy artistic man-made bricks in place of regular old rocks, 2) realizing that there were SEVEN people on the island and only one small rowboat (without oars) to get all of us back home, 3) realizing that there was NO BOTE to launch from the moominbeach to rescue us 4) rowing the one small bote with via MY HANDS along the moominbeach shore looking for the moomincabin and encountering all kinds of tourist businesses and hotels and whatever instead. It all seemed real but YOU KNOW I FORCED MYSELF AWAKE AT THAT POINT!!! P.S. I do NOT think this was a coronavirus dream but who knows.

After I returned from my 0-skunk-30 walk and before it was time to faaaaar up my work laptop here at TeleCubelandia, I did some online shopping. Cleaning products that I had been typically ordering online pre-pandemic days ANYWAY because I would rather not spend all of my time in grokkery stores searching around for them. (No Clorox wipes online. I check every day, more out of curiosity than anything.) A couple of little Pandemic Snack items that aren’t easily available without going inside a store but I’ve found them online. Aaaannndddd… A decent sized order of produce from Argus Farm Stop to be delivered Wednesday.

I’m proselytizing now and I KNOOOOOW not everyone has something like Argus. A few years ago Argus Farm Stop opened a small grokkery store/cafe. They sell grocery items from area farmers including many of our favorite farmers market vendors. This has been a successful business and since they already had infrastructure in place, they easily adapted to the coronavirus’s shopping challenges by putting an inventory online and offering curbside pickup or delivery.

I ordered a few different greens from our long-time fave Goetz Family Farm in Blissfield and wild-picked ramps and various wintery rooty stuff from various others. No asparagus yet. We’ll probably still be isolating when the asparagus is ready. As much as I love the farmers market and those vendors, I sure am gonna miss Farmer John’s little produce shop in the Cubelandia lunchroom this year. Nothing like being able to buy some of your grokkeries at work!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I went to the actual grocery store today and loaded up on stuff that wasn’t available to the pick up people whenever they shopped for me. Like TP. I could only get one package but still…I had resorted to my one ply toilet paper that Ashley accidentally bought a few years back. If I can see through it,I would rather not use it!