Four egger

And then there were four. We don’t expect any more. As I have probably said before this nest is on the security light in the “lee” of our house, an inside corner between the east wall and the south wall of the A-ddition. It’s been quite a few years since robins nested in this spot but they’re doing it again. Five feet away chickadees are nesting in a bird house.

Yesterday was a day, beginning sorta slowly and accelerating and then all of a sudden it was 9:30 and I couldn’t have strung two words together to save my life. You’re welcome.

First, I remember at the beginning of all of this STUFF worrying about some of my fave places to shop, including the seafood market in Kerrytown. A seafood market in the midwest? Yes. A really good seafood market in the midwest. I found out they were doing curbside pickup and placed a big order. We were getting down to the bottom of that order so yesterday I made another one. I needn’t have worried about this place. They were so BUSY the order-taker had to put me on hold for a bit and then forgot to get my debit card info. When I got down there (and yes of course I paid), the owner brought my fish out and said that they were way beyond BUSY. More like CRAZY! They deliver both fish and lunch and I guess people are buying. Which is a good thing!

We were less successful picking up a hardware item later in the afternoon maybe in part because the GG didn’t read the DIRECTIONS for how to pick up but also because they LOST his order. After a half hour wait in that parking lot and a couple of employees disappearing inside never to return, we gave up.

I don’t get, you know, OUT very much these days and usually when I do the streets are pretty deserted. Not yesterday! I don’t know what was going on besides it was a nice day but there was just about as much traffic as, you know, before.

Maybe more later. Maybe not.

2 Responses to “Four egger”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the color of those eggs–so beautiful! I may go to the hardware store to get my annuals, but don’t want any crowds. That could be tricky because everyone else wants plants these days too.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I LOVE the color of the eggs! (I always thought robin eggs were more of a sky blue?) That “teal” is my most favorite color!

    I haven’t been away from this house since March 10th (John’s the grocery-go-getter). So far, I’m doing OK with that, except I miss my kiddos terribly. And I’m afraid the Covidiots are becoming more emboldened, so staying away from them is the best medicine.