Pandemic road trip

Yesterday people on facebook were (irresponsibly) posting pictures of huge traffic jams and labeling them northbound I75 – I think without knowing where they were. We encountered exactly one 2-mile backup on our trip up the northbound I75 SUV Speedway today and I highly doubt that one was holiday traffic related because it was there all day. I don’t know what caused it because we were able to exit and hop around it on the old Mackinaw Road.

I will say that there were a LOT more people on the road today than I expected. Not sure why I didn’t expect that since we have “opened up” the northern Great Lake State. The usual “redneck” road warriors flew by us in their big pickup trucks – “Daddy” was one of them. We tried to stop at one gas station and it was MOBBED with people (no pumps available) so we headed up to the next exit. Masks? I wasn’t counting but I didn’t see many.

Rest area? Need to P? There is no way in hell I will use a public restroom until I am comfortable that it’s safe and I was NOT comfortable with the number of vee-hickles in the rest area parking lots. Did I mention the lack of masks? It was okay. We were pulling the Lyme Lounge. While it is not equipped with a terlet (no black water for us), it does feature a plastic bucket so we pulled off at an exit and I did bucketP in privacy and dumped it out. Here is the GG opening up the trailer for me to y’know, P. I think he also Pd at this location but I’m pretty sure he didn’t use the bucket.

The trip was uneventful and here we are crossing the Big Mac.

It is hot here (or at least it was when we got here). The leaves are not quiiiiite out on Chickadee Lane yet but for the first year in quiiiite a while, there is no residual snow here in late May.

And HOME. Beautiful hot sunny day. Young cousins out paddle boarding and I saw my first upbound lake bote, the Kaye Barker, before I decamped to the moomincabin deck.

P.S. We arrived to find that jamadots is laying fiber! At the moominbeach. Hip hip hooray!

3 Responses to “Pandemic road trip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you had an uneventful trip and are now at your destination. And that you minded your Pees and Qs. 😉

  2. l4827 Says:

    Liked Ps and Qs.

    Liked bucket.

    Liked BBPBBbench also.

  3. Pooh Says:

    HOME indeed!