Job like mine, job like mine, a job like mine

I did MOSTLY nothing today. The GG made coffee and a wee brek this morning, then he high-tailed it over to Soldier Lake to do trail maintenance with one of his girlfriends. I took a good beach walk and ticked away at some minor chores around the moomincabin. Then I READ. Outside for the most part. On the deck with freighter-watching breaks down on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench.

I think I am actually on vacation. For real. It’s hard to describe but, in a way, Forever Telecommuting feels like you are always a little bit on vacation. You’re not though. My productivity ebbs and flows a bit depending on where we are in our software release cycle and what I’m working on and I dunno, how the stars are aligned, etc. But it’s always been like that, in the office or out of the office. When I was first working there I was frustrated that sometimes I didn’t seem to have anything to do. My long-retaaarrred co-worker W1.5 wisely said, “Don’t worry about that too much.” I continued to worry about it anyway but after all these years, I never seem to be without anything to do.

I don’t have what some might call a “sexy” job. I mean if I were a young hot-shot computer scientist (or whatever they are called now) just out of college, I probably wouldn’t want my job. But it has been a good job for baggy old me. Lots of writing (which I love) and some (light-weight) coding/programming (which I love). Spreadsheets and pictures of various sorts, screenshots and flow charts and other diagrams. Every prodject is different and requires different… I dunno… Stuff… Art meets STEM…

So it’s a weird year. I have telecommuted from up here in bits and pieces of time for years now, including this summer. Usually when I actually take vacay up here, there are about a bazillion beloved people here with us. There is a lot of cooking going on and numerous trips in town to Meijer and “emergency” trips to the park store. We are here alone this year. I mean, it’s okay. I just miss having a cabin full of young adults and visiting cousins and in-laws. We *are* able to interact with my cousin next door from a reasonable distance. They have been isolating as much as we have, probably more.

So lots of time outside today, enough that I am *inside* for now. It was a beautiful day, warm but not hot or humid. But windy. And I feel a bit over-exposed. In a GOOD way!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a beautiful photo! Glad you can still work from your home(s). I can’t imagine those who have to go to actual work and deal with people, especially some of the idiots out there. Ugh.