Achoo achoo achoo… (not COVID)

I don’t have allergies AT ALL. I like to say that anyway. Every once in a while I get a sneezing fit. It’s usually in the evening. I THINK it’s usually in the summer months but I don’t keep track. It goes on for a while but eventually stops and I don’t have any trouble breathing or anything. So I had one 15 minutes ago. My brain of course went COVID? But no. Just the regular garden variety sneezing fit. Over and done now. Gah.

I always have vivid REM dreams and I won’t bore you with the details of the ones I’ve had recently but I am starting to find myself in gatherings of people without masks (including me) and at some point in the dream, I freak out because why the heck are we not social distancing and wearing masks. Usually I wake up at about that point.

Writing? I am a writer only in that I write (very specifically) for work and (not very specifically) for my own entertainment (i.e., this blahg). I know that there and their and they’re (for example) sound the same but have different meanings. Homonyms. Somehow I sometimes STILL manage to mix them up, even though I know the rules. Randomly, I was heartened to hear during a meeting today that other very smart people (including Amazon Woman) sometimes do the same thing.

I have very clear memories of learning about homonyms in grade school. Was it second grade (Mrs. Bishop) or third grade (Mrs. Ala)? Probably both. Mrs. Bishop was one of the best teachers in our school system at the time and I will never forget her. I think she even kept me after school once. Probably because she recognized that I needed other kids to know I wasn’t always a goody two shoes. Well, I wasn’t really always a goody two shoes but at school I was a good student who followed the rules and always did well. Just ask my grandma (if you can contact her). I pushed the envelope outside school but probably needed to push a bit *inside* school too.

So I am at the end for tonight. I may have to write a memoir… Just kidding. It would be boring as all getout!

2 Responses to “Achoo achoo achoo… (not COVID)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo. I was a definite goody two shoes at school and at home. Talk about boring! My dreams have been unusually vivid recently and I remember them better than I used to. I don’t have allergies but have the same sneezing fits sometimes. John always sneezes when he eats something sugary, which I find weird. I don’t do that; it’s most like I get a tickle in my nose or something.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Sneezles! I get them too. Usually I have to put on another layer, and blow my nose to get them to stop.

    The picture is lovely. Was that the 5 minute sunset that we all ran down to the beach to get? Gray, gray, gray, ORANGE, PINK, gone!