The king was in his counting house, counting out his money

The GG spent the morning emptying two half-gallon glass vodka bottles. Although he is currently arising from a wee nap, he did not spend the morning drinking a gallon of vodka. Those bottles contained coins, mostly pennies if I have it right. (Wish I had thought to get a pic!)

They have been hanging around the Landfill as long as we have owned it. I more or less ignored them for many years but when I started to get into serious flinging, I kinda wanted them gone. Problem? Well! Some of those pennies might actually be worth something. That is hoarder thinking and I don’t subscribe to it. If some of those pennies might actually be worth something, then somebody should go through them all and figger out WHICH pennies are worth something. My guess? None.

For whatever random reason, TODAY was the day the GG emptied the vodka bottles, sorted the coins and rolled what he could. I am reasonably certain that he didn’t try to find valuable pennies. He seemed bent upon (finally) getting rid of them. Yippee-i-o Ki-yay!

I THINK this is a step toward creating office/studio space for yer fav-o-rite systems analyst/fiber arts dabbler and I am happy about that. I did NOT do anything toward that end today. Instead I slowly picked away at packing for our next moomincabin boondoggle. That involved cleaning the refrigerator, partly in order to organize the food we will need (I think) to take to the moomincabin for the neverending pandemic summer. And yes we can get contact-free grocery pick up at the moomincabin may likely DO that. But it’s harder there than it is here and I want to be ahead of the game.

At the end of the day, the GG was counting out these weird money-looking pieces of paper. That got me thinking, “Do I have any cash?” I THINK I do. Since COVID, I have hardly used cash at all. I used it once at the Big Mac bridge because the vee-hickle I was driving didn’t (yet) have a MacPass transponder. I wore a mask to hand the tollbooth attendant four dollar bills. Since then the MacBridge authority has asked people to wear masks when they drive through the toll booths.

Other than that? I give a $5 tip to the Argus folks who deliver produce and local food and I braved a drive-thru branch bank early on in the pandemic to get five dollar bills because you can’t specify your denominations at an ATM.

I am not afraid of drive-thru bank branches any more. I am definitely afraid of virus spread via opening up schools at any level. My mom was a high school teacher and if this had been happening back in the day I would be scared to death for her.

And so goodnight.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My school district is supposedly bringing students back near the end of the month on some kind of hybrid schedule, or perhaps just elementary ones. (my county is getting close to the magic number for in person school) No one knows anything for sure, and it’s beyond chaotic. My teacher friends are essentially having nervous breakdowns That is a gorgeous photo and I hear that coins are in short supply. Don’t know about pennies though. 🙂