klutzy mom is here again

It wasn’t the most terrible day on record but it was more or less non-stop and too much of it was *not* spent doing homework. I hope it wasn’t my Flash project that made the teacher’s computer start making that loud mooing kind of noise. Because my Flash project was the last project to play before the noise started. When I first got to class, I was terrified to realize that the teacher was planning to play each student’s project in class but overall I understand what she was trying to accomplish and I enjoyed watching other students’ animations. We have some amazing artists in that class and I can’t anywhere in my dreams, hmmmmm, approach their level on the visual side. They did some mindboggling things with very little knowledge of Flash. But I did have sound in mine. But then there was that mooing noise. So. I got out of class and then I had a whole bunch of little nit-picky errands to do: put gas into two vee-hickles, pick up dry-cleaning, mail a letter, buy booze. Laundry and packing and a little bit of homeworky type stuff, but after something like eight days of doing nothing but homework, my brain just plain shut down on that stuff. I guess I just needed a break for a few hours. I hope it doesn’t end up biting me in the you-know-what, but it prob’ly will. Fed my favorite cats, Sarah and Jacob, got back in the car and headed over for my night class. Oh, wait! I had planned to drive the salt-encrusted green vee-hickle over there but when I got about half-way there, I came to the shocking realization that I was in the cute little blue vee-hickle. It’s Thursday and Thursday is when I have a morning class and an evening class and a lotta time in between. Therefore, it’s late and I am a basket case. And yes, this is boring and all of you, when you take your car to one of those quick oil change people, do *not* let them sell you anything you don’t need!!!!!! If your car was running fine when you took it in, you definitely don’t need anything more than an oil change.

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