Yeah, what did I do today? It was one of those work days when I started out wondering what I do for a living and ended up with a big road-map of prodjects ahead of me and then got mired in a rabbit-hole.

I was kvetching last week that I couldn’t buy a bag of clementines for curbside pickup at the Plum because their search couldn’t find them so I had to “Special Order” them😉. I was putting together another order today and I searched for clementines and LO AND BEHOLD a three pound bag of “clementine tangerines” showed up. I don’t neeeeeed clementines (because we have plenty for now) but nice to know I can order them. I texted my Plum insider a screenshot of the search results and we both had a good laugh. I’m not sure if she was an influence in getting them to show up. I dunno how their system works or how products get added (and I didn’t ask) but they are there so yay!

The GG got all wrapped up in some kind of North Country Trail email crapola this morning and it was driving me NUTS. It wasn’t that he was noisy (mostly anyway) but I felt frenetic energy emanating from his Upstairs Lair. It felt kinda like the day last spring when he did the frickin’ taxes for something like the THIRD time! It may have only been the second time but it felt like about the hundredth.

It has been a gorgeous day and I thought he needed to go, well, somewhere. When I tried to kick him out, he already had a plan to take the Purple Kayak down to the river. And so he did and that smoothed out my day a bit. Again, there’s that old saying, “I married you for better or worse but NOT for lunch.”

Donald Trump Jr. keeps emailing me asking me to buy a MAGA hat. No no no no NO NOOOO! Okay, I know it’s some kind of bot and who knows why I’m getting its spam. Kinda like the OLD internet days when we were getting email invitations to look at p*nises and whatnot. I haven’t received one of those in a while, have you? Although anything coming from any Trump bot makes me feel like, well, I’ll stop there…

Clematis? I think that’s what these white flowers are. I used to have some beautiful big purple clematis flowers that bloomed every spring. After about five years, they suddenly stopped blooming and I miss them. These little white ones are not as spectacular but they are particularly lush and beautiful this fall. I have a Black Thumb and don’t really enjoy gardening so it’s a crap shoot whether any plant survives around here.

3 Responses to “Scatterbrained”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband and I knew to give each other space. He needed a lot of it, me not so much. My mom keeps getting letters to donate to the GOP, for whom she hasn’t voted much in her life, especially not recently. In WA we used to have some moderate (and sane) Republicans for whom we felt comfortable voting, even as Dems. Not any more.

  2. Deb Says:

    Yup, looks like Autumn Clematis. It’s pretty but can be a thug if it gets enough water.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I call it bindweed*, because it does that (very well) all year long, then gets pretty in the fall.

    *I have no idea if anyone else calls it bindweed, or if bindweed is some other plant.