Katy did (or didn’t)

I was thinking earlier today about trying to list the things that I miss about actually commuting to Cubelandia vs. things I don’t miss, also the good/bad about telecommuting. I am not in any way ready to make those lists. At this moment I can’t even remember what it was that I was thinking about earlier today. The geese maybe? Anyway, some other day.

I wanted to cheer today when I heard an actual epidemiologist talking on National Petroleum Radio about the fact that CHILDREN seem to be an important COVID transmission vector. Yes yes yes yes. I mean I am not an epidemiologist but why wouldn’t the virus infect ANY human host? It has evolved to do just that. And since MOST children who are infected with the novel coronavirus are asymptomatic, it follows that they would be PERFECT transmission vectors. I realize that there is probably a lot more research that needs to be done but THIS IS VIRUS 101! Anyone with a basic knowledge of science should know this. And yet so many schools are re-opening in person. Let’s let the teachers die! Sigh.

BTW, again I have to reinforce that I do NOT form my opinions via the news or Nancy Pelosi or whoever. I have MY OWN opinions. Sometimes the news (or Nancy) reinforces them. What I do NOT do is base my opinions on Facebook memes filled with misspellings and false information.

I am now reading White Oleander. Somehow I have managed to read two books in a row that are set in Los Angeles, a city I have never visited. I am liking this one better than the last one. This one follows a teenage girl surviving a series of foster homes. A good read but also very hard so we’ll see how it turns out. She’s in a [seemingly] good place right now but a bad place has been mentioned and like Chekhov’s gun, you know the story won’t end until she encounters it.

This katydid is from one year ago. I have no good pics from today. For a period of time it was raining/sprinkling on half my yard but not the other half. I could not capture that in a photo.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard of that book but never read it. I give the children in my neighborhood a WIDE berth, and I’m sure people think I’m a little crazy. I agree with your take on this issue, which is echoed by the experts that I follow too. I don’t generally give credence to memes from Uncle Bob that are undated, full of misspellings, and anecdotal.