Up and away!

Alarming COVID rates in this state. I follow the Chippewa County Health Department on facebook and every weekday(?) they report the number of new confirmed cases. I have been watching this since June. Every day the number of confirmed cases has been zero or one. Zero for days on end. Today? An ALARMING 13!!!

Chippewa County is where we have one of our vacation homes, if you can call a rustic 60-year-old seasonal cabin a home. It is MY home at least, although I spent nine months of each of my childhood years in a shabby little bungalow on Superior Street in Sault Ste. Siberia. Right across from the back end of Lincoln School to which I Red Queened every morning.

After some initial thoughts that we wouldn’t be able to go to the moomincabin this summer, we did. Very carefully. We didn’t interact closely with our neighbor-cousins except for a wee bit of a “pod” with The Grand Poohbah and her fam down on the bank. We all had been isolating forever and we were outside. Interactions inside our cabins were limited.

We hauled huge numbers of grocks up to the cabin and it was hugely stressful organizing all of that stuff. I bought something like $400 of grocks from Plum and Sparrow and Argus and the Whine Castle and Amazon Prime for our 2-week stay up there in July. We (aka the GG) limited visits to the small hardware stores up there that make it possible to keep such a place up as much as possible. We MASKED UP everywhere people were anywhere near.

I don’t know why the numbers have spiked all of a sudden. I hear that it’s happening in isolated areas like the yooperland all over the country. Places where people like to say, “We’ve always been socially distanced.” Well, yes and no because there are bustling little cities in the yooperland but we won’t go there today.

I am not surprised about the spike in numbers but I am very discouraged. We have a “president” who does not seem to care. I do not blame him for the coronavirus. I blame him for his lack of leadership in response to the coronavirus CRISIS. It IS a crisis. We need a leader who will WORK with our governors et al. We need a leader who will NOT incite crowds to cheer “Lock her up” like he did for our own governor #thatWomanInMichigan, this after a failed plot to KIDNAP her. Jeeesh!

P.S. You think 13 cases from 0 or so in one county is not alarming? How about Michigan in June getting 200 cases a day and now well over 3000? MASK UP for your sake and for all of the essential workers, one of them being my daughter. I am sorry but I am so pissed off about our country’s lack of response to this crisis. I’ve already voted and y’all know who I voted for.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It is a shitshow everywhere, excuse my language. Pandemic fatigue, push back on masks, indoor get togethers, dangerous and idiotic messages about the virus from our “leaders,” etc. It didn’t have to be this way, but now it’s going downhill fast.