February 18th Trivia

Okay, first things first! Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite cuzzints: Jane! Late AGAIN!!! Her birthday was the 13th. She’s 8 years younger than I am, you do the math. Happy birthday TODAY!!! to Karen! A few years older than Jane, not too many though. And, do NOT neglect to scroll down and read the first entry from my newest guest blahgger, none other than The Commander herself. She asked if she could blahg any time she wanted and I told her of course she could but if she started blahgging ten times a day, I’d kick her off.

I don’t have a lot to say since I have been futzing around all weekend learning a new technology (for me), namely Flash, and hanging around with The Commander. And skiing, etc. Here are pics from two of our adventures: driving downriver along Grandroobly’s favoritest roads and skiing the Algonquin trails. And, for those who want to know, the Algonquin trails are just about cross-country skiing’s best, at least for those of us who are mainly into a quick morning or afternoon ski. Eight miles total (you can do shorter loops but we did the eight) of gently rolling hills. You are always going up and down but not extremely so and with the snow we have right now, there’s plenty of chance for gliding in between. All in all, when you are in condition for that many miles (and it takes me about two days to get there) it is a beautiful and fast ski. And it is only a few miles down the street, so to speak, from The Commander’s house. We can ski it in two hours, which gives her a nice little break from us.

Click the pics for slideshows: warning, they are in Flash, you may need Flash player 8. I’m experimentating!

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