Room rater

Okay. What would room rater say about this? I think they would like the globe and the wall hanging (what you can see of it) and maybe the vintage shelf unit with the vintage light. I doubt they’d like the computer screen but maybe the fact that it’s showing the Vendee Globe would mitigate that somewhat. I think they would dislike the plastic shelf unit and the printer on top of it. I think they would HATE the clutter, especially the used up Kleenex. For whatever reason, the GG leaves crumpled up Kleenexes and paper towels EVERYWHERE. For DAYS if I don’t dispose of them. Wastebasket anyone?

I dunno. The GG and I are relatively neck-and-neck on house-cleaning. The crumpled up Kleenex routine is balanced out by the time I came home from work a few years ago and he was DEEP-CLEANING every damn room in the Landfill. I mean moving EVERYTHING and washing it all (including the walls) with soapy water. Even on the weekend I couldn’t really help with that prodject. He had a vision and he was following it with laser-like focus and all I could do was stay out of the way. But I clean the kitchen and bathroom EVERY day and I have done my own deep cleaning and will again. And I throw out the crumpled Kleenexes when I encounter them.

The room in the pic was Lizard Breath’s room throughout middle and high school. There was a bed along that wall below the window. It’s a small room but I think she was comfortable in it. We have a “circle” house, meaning there are two doors to that room, one behind me (the photographer) and the other to the right, out of frame. Before it was a teenager’s room the double doors allowed little kids to run wild circles around the house. Lizard blocked the “back” door (behind me) pretty much forever and backed her bed up to it. To this day I don’t usually walk *through* that room to get from the “back” to the “front” of the Landfill even though it is almost always open.

When we returned from dropping Lizard off at college that first day (soooo long ago now, ugh), I dropped the GG here at the Landfill and went off to manage a YAG audition. I made him a ‘hattan before I left for YAG and he sat and drank it in her room. For whatever reason, he rearranged her room after that night and I will never forget when she came home for the first time and saw what he had done. White hot anger? Yes. What did you do to my room? Alas, he was up at Hoton Lake that weekend and I told her she had to call him. I KNEW that moving her room around so soon wasn’t a good idea but I didn’t stop him.

A number of years later, she returned for xmas from her then home in SanFran. Our old bunk beds were set up in that room by then and she climbed into the top bunk (Shuggy was scheduled to sleep on the bottom bunk, I think) and had to move some rifles and an old Nesco oven and I dunno what other flotsam and jetsam around to carve out a sleeping place. By that time, after years on her own, she didn’t much care what we had done with her room but I’m sure she was wondering if her parents were getting prematurely senile. Guns in my bed? We were actually at Hoton Lake that time. I can’t remember why.

Question for teacher Margaret from teacher Pooh in yesterday’s comments. Love to all teachers always but especially in these trying times 🧡🧡🧡

4 Responses to “Room rater”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt was a deep cleaner who was organized and actually filed things. I’m a surface one but keep things looking decent and clean. (unless you move anything!) Patt never minded clutter, but it stresses me out, although I am not a neatnik at all. I wish. My parents turned my bedroom into my dad’s TV room; I think they waited until I was out of college and had my own apartment to do so. However, it still felt weird! I didn’t expect them to make my room a shrine, but still…

  2. Isa Says:

    The door blocking arrangement was because a certain DAD of mine used my bedroom as a hallway. I asked him to stop, but nevertheless, he PERSISTED! So I moved my bed up against the door

  3. Jay Says:

    I left for college freshman year around labor day, and when I went “home” for Thanksgiving, my family had moved across town. My whole house was gone.

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I LOVE Room Rater! Yes, the globe would get high marks. (You’d probably be slightly admonished about the cords). But otherwise, high marks! Lol!

    I’m pretty much the “cleaner.” Before retirement and before moving here to our island, I had a housekeeper and man do I miss that these days. Sigh.