Long ago and oh so far away

I’m not off on a nostalgia trip tonight except for maybe the one where a little more than a year ago we took our kids and their SOs to downtown Planet Ann Arbor for dinner at Knight’s on Liberty and a Bob Dylan CONCERT at Hill. A crowded concert. Mr. Dylan kind of phoned his performance in but I guess he’s known for that. It was still pretty cool. I still remember clumping up the stairs with umpteen bazillion people and nobody got sick!

The GG often tries to tell me that I get my polly-tickle opinions from NPR. Not true. My polly-tickle opinions have not really changed since I was young, it’s the polly-tickle parties that have shifted around me. To wit, I think NPR gets whatever polly-tickle opinions they have from meeeeee. But I actually regard NPR as a relatively neutral news source. Disagree if you want.

That said, I DO run NPR throughout most days now that I am permanently telecommuting. It’s background noise to me. I keep the volume low and I will admit that I hear the same jazz music over and over and over. I am an extremely casual jazz listener but how about more Brubeck, Corea, big band stuff, and the oooolllld jazz they play on Sunday mornings. Let’s mix it up a bit.

We have a [very persnickety] home pod or whatever it is. At the end of the day when NPR switches to news, we switch to Satty-lite radio. For the longest time we were listening almost exclusively to folk music. A couple months ago some other genres started to creep into our listening repertoire. 60s and early 70s rock certainly. We came of age to that stuff. And then some disco sneaked its way in and I actually kinda liked it. Play that funky music, white boy…

We were still listening to what I’m gonna call “rock” in the early 80s. We would watch MTV in our old upstairs flat on Jackson. And then… Hello… About the next decade was spent with Raffi and Hap Palmer and Wee Sing and whatnot.

Somewhere in the 90s, I found myself driving teenagers all over town in the POC (my Island Teal minivan, beautiful but crappy). I am not really a “cool moom” but for those kids I kept the radio tuned to the then “alt rock” station and I secretly LOVED most of that music. And driving kids around town. And driving.

Fun memory: my mouse had her driving permit and we left in The Indefatigable (Jeep Wrangler, stick shift!) to pick up our friend TK at his house a few blocks away. As she was driving, an Eminem song came on. It was one I liked, so I asked her not to change it. When TK got in the car, he was like, “Mouse? Music?” Mouse replied, “Well, my MOOM wanted to listen to it.”

Er, maybe I WAS off on a nostalgia trip after all but it certainly isn’t an unhappy one!

Also, Lizard Breath made the lantern in the photoooo. She likes to work with clay in her limited spare time but isn’t doing much during COVID because she uses shared studio space.

Love y’all, KW

3 Responses to “Long ago and oh so far away”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Alt Rock for the win! My favorite! There used to be a couple of excellent Seattle radio stations for that genre, but they’ve gone by the wayside (except for one that is mostly too head-banger too often) and I miss them (especially The Mountain) bitterly! Radio up here sucks these days, but thankfully I don’t have to commute anymore because: Retired!

    I definitely do not see NPR as a “radical liberal solicitor.” By any means.

    My political opinions were shaped very young, too. I was 16 when I wrote an article in the “Teen Forum” section of our local newspaper (Tacoma News Tribune) where I pretty much vilified Phyllis Shlafly. (I was actually paid $50 for that article! Huge bucks for 1972).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love alt rock too and miss the Mountain. I still listen to 107.7, called The End, which is decent. It’s probably the head banger station that Tonya is referring to. 🙂 NPR is considered one of the least biased news sources from what I’ve seen. However, if people only listen to far right or far left sources, they would view it differently. I was the editor of the school paper my junior year and wrote an anti-Nixon editorial that got me in hot water with the conservative mom of a fellow student.

  3. Deb Says:

    This triggered some fun memories. Reading Rainbow and Raffi was hot in elementary, then I heard a lot of Beck on CHS field trips and grew to like his early stuff.