Sometimes I hate 2020

The Groke here entering via an alien portal… Mostly I am putting one foot in front of the other. My job gives me something productive to do. The constant finessing of ordering food and other stuff keeps me on my toes. It’s still a learning curve. Chores and walking at 0-skunk-30…

WOW! This morning, just as the sky was starting to lighten a bit pre-dawn, I heard a bit of cawing and looked up to see what must have been several HUNDRED crows heading west. Were they really crows? So asked the GG Not turkey vultures or something? NO NO NO NOOOOOO! I am not a birder but I know what crows look like and I know what they SOUND like. I have very clear memories of waking up summer mornings in my cot on the Old Cabin front porch hearing crows cawing and my baby brother answering from his crib. Caw caw caw!

Anyway. I see my mouse fairly frequently because she works a few blocks away from the Landfill. Mostly we meet, masked, from opposite sides of our glass storm door as she picks up mail and drops grocks but we have had a few socially distanced whine gatherings in the back yard. I have not seen my lizard in person since sometime in July when we drove over for dinner in her backyard in Day-Twa. Today we got to see her again. She and her SO spent turkey day at the mouse house near Manchester and stopped by on their way home.

It was chilly but sunny and the GG made a faaaar in the back yard for the occasion. I wasn’t crazy about the GG’s CoVidiot behavior with his insistent sloppiness about how he wore his mask. GG: I’m drinking a beer. KW: Okay then, social distance, fer kee-reist! This was MAGA-like behavior and I am not a fan 🐽

What am I thankful for this year? It goes without saying that I am thankful for essential workers of ALL types and for kicking the Orange Baboon/Bad Orange Man to the curb, hopefully… Most importantly, I am thankful that our two daughters like each other enough to get together for a holiday BY CHOICE in one of their homes WITHOUT US! I said “like” instead of “love” for a reason. They DO love each other. I knew that pretty much from day one. But love can be a very complicated emotion and I believe you can love someone without liking them or wanting to spend time with them.

I cannot verbalize my complex thoughts about this. They come from a lifetime of dealing with [now dead] parents and a [now dead] brother and many other relatives and in-laws. My fam (FinFam and MacMu) and the cFam generally do pretty darn well. When we get together, we DO have a good time. We’ll get together again!

2 Responses to “Sometimes I hate 2020”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve always loved the stories of your past get togethers with the Old Folks and the current crop of cousins and offspring. It’s hard to be patient; it’s not in my nature. I miss my social life and going up. I miss meeting up with friends! I miss my kids and normality! And I hate worrying about masks and distancing–but I do. The OB seems to get crazier every day.

  2. Margaret Says:

    *going OUT