I am not your twin therefore I cannot read your mind

It was another quiet day at the Landfill. And then. About a half hour ago… WHAT WAS THAT? It was the sound of something falling in the Back Room. What was it? It was the xmas tree! Oh fun.

A not very fun half hour of trying to get the tree upright and stabilized ensued. It featured meeeeee standing for inordinate lengths of time holding the tree up while the GG tried (and failed) to screw it back into the stand. Those needles are SHARP! I had to grab glubs and the ones I grabbed were the 50-cent Meijer kind. I have about a gazillion pairs of those and they are GREAT for walkin’ in the winter wonderland but they were not much help protecting against poky pine needles.

It was also kinda grumpy. I do not do well working together with the GG on this kind of prodject. First of all, it required engineering and I am a “patterns” person, not a “story problem” person. Just ask my brother the engineer. If you can figger out how to contact someone who has passed into the great beyond. Second, the GG has an identical twin and he is NOT me. I do not think they communicate telepathically. I do think their brains work similarly and also that they spent many years in very close proximity and are accustomed to working on prodjects together. The Twinz of Terror together get sh*t done and I usually try to stay outta their way! His twin was not here today and I am a substandard substitute.

I did my best although I chafed at being told at least FIVE TIMES not to step in the spilled water from the tree stand. Eventually he banished me and managed to shore it up somehow with twine and I dunno what else. Apparently the tree stand is “worn out” so I guess that’s our first purchase of 2021. For now, hopefully his fix works out until it’s time to take it down.

One Response to “I am not your twin therefore I cannot read your mind”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would definitely have seen that as a sign that it was time to take down the tree for 2020. I know what you mean. My late husband assumed that I could read his mind about where he wanted me to stand, and how I needed to help. I am clueless about that sort of thing. I’m sure you are WAY better than I am!