Towers of power

I was feeling kinda grumptacious this morning. I bagged my walk because I wasn’t sure exactly what Old Man Winter was lobbing at us but it seemed like ICE, which I didn’t want to deal with in the dark, even with Yax. And I can’t find my green REI hiking pole, which got me through the icier parts of the Polar Vortex winter (2014) and the GG can’t even remember it even though he bought it for me🤷‍♀️ It used to rattle around the Frog Hopper so I thought maybe it’d been transferred to Mooon Yooonit but no luck.

I totally fergot about my Wednesday FaceTime with MMCB today until my phone “rang”. Oh yeah! MMCB2 is not on Bubbe duty this week so we had the pleasure of her company, always positive, cheerful, empathetic, whatever!🧡

We took a rain ride out into the county this afternoon. The GG had “a plan” and it turned out to be tracing the paths of various towers of power. Lucky-shuckial power, that is, not musical power. I might’ve picked a different trip but I was running on low psychological energy today, meaning I had no plan. So this one was interesting enough but I won’t go into detail about it. I do enjoy musing about the juxtaposition of the organized design of nature (trees) and the organized design of engineers (towers and power lines). It’s impossible for a bear of little brain (aka meeeee) to put that into intelligible words.

I shouldn’t leave on a negative note but I am SOOOOO frustrated by so many people’s (I think I used that apostrophe correctly? Mrs. Pratt?) approach toward COVID-19 prevention. People that attended a mask-optional Republican party function (in NY?) that featured a CONGA LINE have tested positive. What was the organizer’s response? Something like, “Adults can make their own decisions.” I AM SORRY! Yes, that is true! BUT! You want to take your own COVID risk? Fine. Except NOT FINE! You may get COVID and not have symptoms. But what about the folks YOU get sick by running around breathing in their faces? And how do you know that you will not, in fact, get sick? goddamn goddamn frickin’ dammit.

I’m pretty sure that who COVID kills is not [totally] random but us humans don’t know what the algorithm is. Yes, it mostly kills “old” people but it ALSO kills young people. Like the 41-year-old elected congressman in Louisiana who left two little kids behind. I dunno if he was attending maskless parties or what. It’s a tragedy no matter. He was a Republican. I’m not sure who will replace him but whatever party they embrace, I hope they understand how dangerous the coronavirus is and will try to encourage their constituents to comply with the rules, at least the ones that our epidemiologists have been able to cobble together.

People, de-politicize this. MASK UP and stop gathering in unsafe ways.

This post is LIGHTLY fact-checked. My googler is a bit outta steam today. As always, I welcome corrections. But not if they devolve into conspiracy theory diatribes🐽

Love y’all, KW

P.S. LOL. The GG and I just had the silliest “fight” in the Landfill Chitchen!🤣 His weapon was a tea towel and mine was a wet dishcloth. We have soooo much fun🤣 And now we’re listening to Rubberband Man…

One Response to “Towers of power”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am FED up with people’s (yes, correct apostrophe) choices when they affect others, including me and all those health care workers. They must be losing their minds! I would be. I don’t do ice either.