Earthquakes and Cyclonic Storms

3.4 on the Richter Scale. My grandmother* Bolette once told me a little story about her childhood. The gist of the story was that her early childhood was spent in Iowa, where there are some pretty good tornadoes. The family moved to California at some point and of course there are earthquakes out there. Duh.

Eventually, her dad (who I *think* was some sort of preacher, MacMullan folk please correct me if I’m wrong) had an opportunity to move to the Detroit area. The family was pretty happy about that. No earthquakes or cyclonic storms! But during the first year they lived in Detroit, they experienced *both* an earthquake and a cyclonic storm.

Around here earthquakes are pretty wimpy. I’ve experienced one or two. I would think, why is it taking that big mac truck so long to drive by my house? Tornadoes? Huge F5 ones are rare but we’ve had some pretty scary storms. In Michigan, it’s difficult for a tornado to gain the momentum that it might get traveling across one of the big flat western states. But we do get some killers. I don’t like tornadoes. I’ve been in one. In my car. They are not fun.

* The Commander’s mom was Emily, who I am named after (middle name). She died at a young age (forties) in a car accident. It was the Christmas season and The Comm was almost 16. The Comm’s dad, “Funny Grandaddy” (I used to call him that when I was a little kid) married Bolette a year or two or three or whatever before I was born. Bolette always treated me as if I were a real person, not just a stoopid little kid and I loved her.

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