50 after 50, a PSA

Doom-scrolling Twitter as one does, I came across a random post from MSNBC saying they are going to highlight women who have changed their lives and careers AFTER the age of 50 in very positive ways.

Anyone can apply to be featured. I certainly will NOT. But NOT because I don’t identify with the phenomenon of becoming SUCCESSFUL after 50. Because I most certainly DO. When I was 50, I was severely underemployed, making something like $500 a MONTH managing a youth theatre guild. I loved it until I didn’t and then I quit rather abruptly. We won’t talk about that today except that my brother and dad died around that time and for a while I was having a harder time than usual finding some solid ground on which to put my foot.

BUT. I was taking community college internet-type classes and I was ACE-ING them. I can’t remember exactly who it was but someone cautioned me before I enrolled that I would probably flunk the mid-term. Well. I don’t flunk tests EVER and NOPE! AAAAAAA. I had the attention of the faculty and one of the faculty placed me in an internship with the LSCHP and 13 years later, here I am, making more money than I EVER have in my life and kinda still scratching my head about it all happened because I didn’t think I would ever in my life find another job. Disclaimer below, also, I am not Warren Buffet…

I’m not here to brag! Oh no no no no no! I am here to say that it IS possible for a woman (or ANYONE) to re-start a career after the age of 50, no matter what people say. I will not apply to be one of the folks they interview because I don’t really do anything that important, at least not in a big way. I’m not in congress or working on COVID vaccines or teaching (which is a HEROIC and sadly underrated career).

I’m also here to encourage young people, especially our VALUABLE “creative types”, who may often wonder if they’ll ever be able to buy a house, etc. Don’t give up. Things will most likely get better for you. I am a creative type too. I know. Don’t give up.

Lookin’ like a Fin in this old pic, my dad’s face/expression. Sometimes I look more like a MacMu.

Disclaimer: As always, I work for an at-will company so who knows how long it’ll last but I will be okay if/when it eventually ends.

3 Responses to “50 after 50, a PSA”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love this post! Both my daughters aren’t where they want to be, and I keep telling them that they aren’t stuck. (even though they feel like that sometimes) Your hair looks wonderful; did you get it cut? I’m jealous.

  2. Mark Says:

    Good on you at community college, but Bill and I got the job done at ole MSU.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I like your hair cut too!
    You also got your degree at MSU, being a creative type, and then went back to college and “got more knowledge”. I won’t finish the ditty, but you know the rest. 😉