Really old and sorta new

I know nothing! I love the late John Banner, don’t you? Sergeant Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes. Mr. Golden Sun must be working his magic on me because more often than not, I am now making it through Green Acres reruns plus the first rerun of Hogan’s Heroes. Do not get me wrong. I love the darkness surrounding the winter solstice and thrive on it in some ways but I am sometimes a wee bit sluggish for a while after xmas.

Plus I never know what the heck my job will throw at me from day to day. Brain-twisting puzzles or mind-numbing html updates. This week it was mostly the former with a brief respite into the latter. Except that I do have an agonizing html task on my plate. I mean, I can easily do html. I just need to figger out how to “restructure” (or whatever) a particularly nasty, organically grown page in our hi-fi prototype. I can do it. I think. But not today.

So I randomly came across this pic. It is my kitch before the 2014 gut. Isn’t it loverly? Not. I think this reno was done in the 70s. We were so happy to be able to buy a REAL HOUSE in 1982 that we lived with this kitchen for… 32 years. It’s okay, the so-called bones are pretty good and I love the neighborhood.

Finally we hired Certified Kitchen Lady and she helped us do a redesign. She and her team guided us through gutting the wholly old crapola kitch and installing everything new. I loved CKL. We never had a disagreement and the only time I was nervous dealing with her was when I had to kinda push her into believing that I REAAAALLLY wanted teal blue tile. I think she was wondering if I might regret it? Nope. And neither did she and they even entered my little kitch into a contest. It didn’t win but oh, well. It’s just a little galley kitch after all🧡

And then there was Jerry the carpenter (“Jerry is a genius” – the GG) who somehow extricated “Mouse” off the wall from where Mouse wrote her name there at the age of 2-1/2. It is intact and framed now.

P.S. We bought Gretchen Gertrude (double-oven stove) a few years before we renovated the kitch. A story for another day.

2 Responses to “Really old and sorta new”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the blue, especially in contrast with the white. Great make over!! I’ve thought of re-doing my kitchen but there’s not enough wrong with it except that I’m tired of it. And the mess and expense wouldn’t be worth it for how much I (don’t) cook.

  2. Isa Says: