Not Gitchee Gumee

O-haaaa-o has a lot of canals and some rivers but… bdah bdah bdah… I was gonna say no Big Water but then I remembered Lake Erie. Duh.

So this pic is a text I got today. The person is Urban Hiking in Dayton, on the Buckeye Trail, which shares trail with the North Country Trail. 20 miles a day, took a Lyft to get from point A to point B today. Yes, masks are required on Lyfts. You know I asked. His Lyft gal (Kathy? or is it Barb?) is gonna watch for his “order” (or whatever it is) tomorrow. Yes, he’s a popular guy, especially with the wimmen. Even with his COVID mohawk, I guess.

Kayak Woman? Blaaaaaahhhhhh… Yes today was a work day. Most of the team had an “exciting” start to the week and are now all dead taaaarrrrred. I wasn’t involved in their excitement but their lack of energy somehow transferred to meeeee, even though we are now totally working in cyberspace.

I do have stuff to do (I always have stuff to do) but I am waiting for information on a lot of things and I wasn’t in the mood for some of the “bookkeeping” aspects of my job today. Late in the afternoon a couple of training sessions showed up so I did those. The typical online banking stuff about fraud and money laundering, etc. I have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of those things at work. Believe me, we have teams upon teams of specialists in those things. But everyone has to take the training. And pass the QUIZ at the end. I used to be nervous about the quizzes but they are just multiple choice and in the end it’s all common sense stuff. Like don’t give/accept expensive gifts in exchange for special services. Duh.

The Commander used to tell me how much I hated multiple choice tests when I was in grade school. “But sometimes there isn’t just one right answer”, I would say. I don’t really remember this. I learned how to rock multiple choice and nowadays when I take these little quizzes, if I miss one it’s always because I didn’t CAREFULLY read the question and/or options.

So I am about to heat up leftovers again. I am on Mother’s March this weekend, trying to slowly make my way through more of some frozen stuff that is still perfectly edible but not what I would want to serve for dinner, even with our extremely relaxed standards. And I am awaiting the [temporary] return of the Frog Hopper to our driveway, which should be happening any minute.

And here it is (the Frog Hopper (and a couple bottles o’ whine)). Thank you 🐭. G’night, KW

One Response to “Not Gitchee Gumee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My tastes keep changing and I have to force myself to eat some of the stuff in the freezer. I loved it a few months ago! I’m good at multiple choice, especially on those types of trainings. (teachers have zillions of them and the answers are mostly common sense) I am TERRIBLE at true/false. I tend to overthink everything. I know you’re not surprised by that.