Jetlag or Whatever

I forced myself to stay in bed until 5 AM here. That would be 8 AM on The Planet Ann Arbor and by that time, I’d have taken a shower, walked for the better part of an hour, eaten my cheerios, checked my email, etc., and I’d be in the grocery store or the coffee shop or the WCC Library or slogging around doing homework/chores (or avoiding them) or whatever. I am bright and chipper here at 5 AM.

It’s Take Your Mom to Work Day today and we are going down into the city where Lizard is doing “person on the street” interviews with parents about pre-school thoughts/issues (I probably didn’t report that very accurately). She was kind of informally interviewing me last night. I was only semi-coherent but, boy, did that bring back some memories of the old Stone School Co-op and what it was like to have little beach urchins and practically no idea how to be a parent.

And, in other news, Aimée has made it to Zimbabwe and is enjoying the beautiful country, native birds, and all of her musical friends there. Ciao for now!

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