Happy St. Paddy’s day [HIC-grok]

A li’l Insty play this afternoon…

Lizard Breath [seeing the above pic, that I posted on Instagram]: Keep an eye on the laundry detergent…

KW: I think it’s too late 🐽🐸

Yes, the Froooog is still at it with his main vices, which are chugging “londry” detergent with a chaser of Listerine, then sleeping it off in the “londry” basket. He can’t abscond with the POC any more since it hasn’t been around since, hmmm, I dunno, maybe 2007? Our newer automotive vee-hickles have more sophisticated locking technology. He *does* occasionally take off on Buoy 22 for little flying excursions… I don’t have the keys to that. If you see it up there, you’ll have to report him to the Coast Guard.

I am also posting a pic of a St. Patrick’s Day pre-pandemic. We were porterized at the OT with Froooogggy and this is a GOOD photo!

P.S. I think St. Urho’s Day is wonderful (it was yesterday). I am so glad nobody wished me a happy St. Urho’s Day. It is a Finnish holiday. I think Finnish people are WONDERFUL and I love my Finnish friends. I. am. not. Finnish. I can lay claim to some Irish.

2 Responses to “Happy St. Paddy’s day [HIC-grok]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have been out on St. Patrick’s Day but even before the pandemic, I had quit doing so. A bit too crazy for me!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Hope Froggy is getting over his St. Paddy’s hangover. We enjoyed seeing Froggy’s pic in yesterday’s blog. We did have our own amount of, ah, Listerine on St. Paddy’s Day.