Grumpy Cranky and Dopey

I’ll ‘fess up to waking up SUPER grumpy and cranky today. I have still experienced ZERO vax side effects so I couldn’t help wondering if “grumpy” was a side effect. I suspect it’s more related to the marital discord we experienced over the taxes last night. Oh don’t worry, this is a First World problem. We go through a version of it every year. Voices may be raised but violence doesn’t ensue and the tax stuff was signed and sent off this morning.

Because “everybody” at work seems to be getting the vax this week, we spent probably the first 15 minutes of the morning stand-up talking about our vaccine experiences. The stand-up is supposed to last 15 minutes total 🐽. I mentioned that I remain side effect free after two days. Except that I was EXTREMELY grumpy. Could that be a side effect? That got a laugh. People in general are experiencing mild things like arm pain and I don’t think grumpy is a real side effect.

My work team is not exactly the youngest bunch of folks except for our colleagues on the Indian subcontinent. I would place a strong wager that I am the eldest at this point. I so miss W1.5 and FZ and others who have retaaaaared. It’s such a nice cozy little job and somehow I managed to snag it after the age of 50. I wasn’t even really looking for a job. I don’t expect I’ll ever get booted out because of age, unless I get truly loopy but that is unlikely for at least another couple decades. It’d be more likely because of downsizing (and I am not naive enough to think that age isn’t ever a factor in the decisions involving who to lay off). It’s okay. I would be sad to be laid off but I am prepared for it if it happens.

Dopey? That would be the GG. I tried to tell him something like THREE times this morning and he kept walking out of the room or the front door or wherever like he hadn’t even heard me. Sometimes he does that when he’s wearing earbuds but not today. Fortunately it wasn’t important and anyway, iDeep pinged me from India at that moment and I knew HE was interested in my opinion. Eventually the GG came home from dropping the taxes in the mail and a “ride” and crashed out on the couch in the back room for a few hours. He was a bit more lucid after he woke up.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Did the GG get the shot too and get the brain fog that people talk about? I have a very sore arm (worse than last time) and had a headache on that side last night, especially behind my left ear. I never have headaches, so that was weird. Today I’m OK. Not great, but it’s hard to figure out exactly why.