“Beats having to run a hose across from your uncle’s house”

Today degenerated into first-world household pandemonium and this is the “money” shot. Yes, really.

So the city is installing new water meters. You know the kind. They infiltrate your brain with the dreaded 5G network or whatever it is. Or do they infiltrate your water supply with microchips that implant themselves every time you take a drink of water? I don’t really understand this stuff. I do NOT subscribe to conspiracy theories.

Anyway, piece of cake right? The city recently replaced our gas meter and that took like five minutes (inside the house to check that the furnace/water heater started back up) plus weeks of entertainment out in the street. What could go wrong?

Water meter? Not so much fun. Five minutes to replace the meter but then they couldn’t get the water back on. As this saga dragged on, I was getting nervous. I can live without heat. I can live without lucky-shucky. And we have a generator that can help with those. Water? I cannot live without water. We RARELY lose water here. We have city water (not a well) and a gas water heater so no matter what the other utilities do, we ALWAYS have nice hot running water.

Today? Hmmm… Trying to think it through… I am very familiar with throwing buckets of water down terlets but there’s no supply of water hanging out here. I am not a prepper. Plus there’s drinking water and if you KNOW me, you know I don’t do well without a shower first thing in the morning.

I was emailing back and forth with my cuzzint Pooh this afternoon and she reminded me of what “running water” meant days gone by at our cabins at the moominbeach. We had cold running water in our kitchen sinks (and big kettles to heat it) delivered via a garden hose connected to our uncle’s well. If that system failed (and it rarely did), there was always Gitchee Gumee. You could do what my old coot called running water: “You run down to the lake with a bucket, fill it up, and run back up.”

The city kept saying we’d have water TODAY (they don’t want people pooping outside) but I was still nervous until I heard a strange noise behind me in the chitchen. An open tap was starting to RUN WATER! Yay! Until that happened, it was looking like they might have to dig a big hole out by the street. I’m glad they didn’t although it would’ve given me a much better pic for today.

P.S. Neighbors on both sides offered water if we needed it. I am grateful 🧡 but so glad we didn’t.

One Response to ““Beats having to run a hose across from your uncle’s house””

  1. Margaret Says:

    We had frozen pipes once(thanks to me) and it was a mess. I hated not having water. Money shot, lol. Porn?