What’s in the box?

It’s a cheap and dirty photoooo but that’s what was needed. At first I couldn’t resist the urge to photoshop affinity it and cropped the Green Couch out. I undid that when I realized without the Green Couch, there was no frame of reference for the scale of this BIG BOX, which I had a GREAT TIME manhandling into the Landfill when it was delivered this morning. Turnstyle the seal doesn’t really provide scale. I’ll let y’all guess what’s in it but it is definitely not something I wanted to be porch pirated. Even though my “office” is ON the Green Couch, meaning I see EVERYTHING that gets delivered.

Arriving coincidentally at the same time as THE BOX was my Argus Farm Stop delivery for today. It was filled with goodies including farm-frozen broccoli and asparagus, Zingerman’s pizza dough, apricot-chardonnay jam, and I fergit what else.

Most of the rest of my day was boring. Hardly anybody was working today and we got “early release” for Easter, which feels kinda weird since we are all remote workers now. It wasn’t the most productive day I ever had and I spent HOURS agonizing about re-designing a simple diagram that I didn’t like.

But then. In the afternoon, I had visitors! A mouse and a raccoon. They wanted to use my driveway to change Orange Betty Oriole’s oil but there were some difficulties that I couldn’t describe if I tried because I have NEVER changed the oil in any car. BUT. We’d had a kind of a plan to have whine in the back yard. Problem. It was sunny today but I don’t think we got over 44 degrees or so.

So… We… All fully vaxxed… Had whine in the back room. The “kids” are not really worried about COVID at this point. I mean, they have both worked in grocery stores for the duration of the pandemic. I am still nervous and I think they respect that. But. The Landfill isn’t a huge house but the back room is big enough that we can socially distance there, whether or not we really need to. We are only nine days past full vax so technically we are not “there” yet but it was a risk I could accept. I haven’t processed my feelings about this enough to write about it, as I’m guessing many others have not.

So, whaddya think is in the box? 👀👀👀

2 Responses to “What’s in the box?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not good at guessing; I need a hint! (or ten) A piece of furniture? I went out to eat at a restaurant with John and three other completely vaxxed friends. It felt good but WEIRD.

  2. Jay Says:

    Is it a Ferrari?