4.2 at 20:40 PST, 37.901N, 122.098W

I didn’t actually feel it at the time but when people started talking about it, I realized that I had noticed *something*. Truck going by or whatever. Others were a little more freaked out. If I had noticed, I probably would have been more freaked out too. But an event a little later probably freaked me out even more. We were in a Starbucks down in Oakland (long story) when the quake happened. We left at closing time, 9 PM, and, as we started walking down the sidewalk, one of those crazy guys who talk out loud constantly and nonsensically passed us going in the other direction. We have a lot of people like that on The Planet Ann Arbor, so I really didn’t pay him much attention at first and the area in general was pretty safe, a well-lit street with lots of “upscale” shops and restaurants and “normal” people around. But then we realized that the noisy neanderthal had turned around and was following us, or at least walking behind us. At that point we were near the car and we scrambled to get in it and managed to locked ourselves in *just* as he reached the passenger door. I was driving (another long story) and I instantly kicked into full-tilt-boogie Mother Bear Mode. Do NOT even TRY to touch my baby!!! If he had decided to hang out behind the car, I wouldn’t have hesitated to back right smack into him. Fortunately for all of us, he continued on across the street.

3 Responses to “4.2 at 20:40 PST, 37.901N, 122.098W”

  1. jane Says:

    Hello Mother Bear — I must be really tired, because the part of your posting that struck me the most was not the street person, or the earthquake… it was the fact that a Starbucks closes at 9:00. I’ve never heard of that before.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    The whole street was kind of shutting up at that point. Other than that it was a lot like, oh, say, Main Street A2. That we were there at all was because we were waiting for Lizard’s roommate to finish a job interview. But it is weird. It’s the “little” things that I’m really noticing here too. Or maybe it’s just that it’s easier to commit the little things to words.

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