The Landfill Backyard is open for business again

A tentative plan for today was to tow the Lyme Lounge out to a state park, park it, and read (and drink a wee bit of liquid courage). Last year, the Lyme Lounge came home just in time for the pandemic and it gave us a way to escape our house for a change of scenery in those early, scary days. I mean, I still think the pandemic is scary but we have learned a lot since then and there are vaxxes (and some of us are vaxxed) and it’s a LOT easier to arrange contact-free pickup/delivery grocks and take-out food and, uh, other things…

So we lolly-gagged in our own way throughout the morning. The GG futzed with cleaning the Lyme Lounge (I’m sure it needed it) and figuring out the details of its lucky-shuckial system. I did my Saturday chores and started working on a new little prodject so when he said he didn’t think he was being much fun today, I told him that was okay because I was busy.

It wasn’t too long after that that I received a text message from my cuz npJane inviting herself over to the Landfill Backyard after work. YES YES YES YES! I hadn’t seen npJane since her sister and fam were in town and we met over at my Dear Uncle Harry’s house (npJane’s dad) for pizza. Was it October? We were masked and distanced on Harry’s deck and most people had isolated. But. Uh, THAT WAS SIX MONTHS AGO! We really hadn’t seen each other since then?

Tentative plans for hanging at a state park were immediately abandoned. The weather was nice enough today it probably wouldda been hard to find a suitable parking place for Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge anyway. The GG suggested a faaaar in the backyard and I enthusiastically agreed.

So much fun. And I learned a new use for face masks! When the smoke from the camp fire comes in your direction, you can put the mask over your eyes. I think I will keep my masks when (and if) we ever move beyond COVID for that purpose if for no other reason except that my mouse made them for us, even though she was busy working at a GROCERY STORE at the time 🧡🧡🧡

Here’s to socializing again even if it still happens in the back yard and it will for a while, at least at the Landfill. Love y’all, KW!

2 Responses to “The Landfill Backyard is open for business again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Masks are handy for many reasons! I like them most of the time. Does Mouse not work at a grocery store now?

  2. Pam J. Says:

    I did my first real socializing yesterday, eating a meal at an indoor dining room table without a mask with a couple who, like us, have been vaxxed. Such a familiar ritual and yet it felt strange! And I couldn’t stop thinking about all the aerosols hovering over that table from our exposed mouths and our talking and general breathing. No one sneezed or coughed, but talking alone creates huge clouds of aerosols. (I’ve learned tons about the science air circulation from following Kimberly Prather on Twitter.)
    Loved hearing of the fireside use for your mask!
    I don’t expect to give up masking, ever. At least in public indoor areas or on public transportation. Not just because of covid, which looks like it might become endemic, like the seasonal flu, but for all those other germs we’ve all avoided in the past year. I know no one who got a head cold or other upper respiratory illness in 2020. Had to be masks, right? Combined with reduced gathering.