My hangers are gone

A couple weeks ago I cleaned out the closet in the Purple Room. Including the hangers.

How does one acquire hoard hangers? When I was a young Clothes Horse, I used to own a lot of things that needed dry-cleaning so that was one source of my hoard. Once I went to pick up my cleaned clothes and they COULDN’T FIND THEM! After a bit of discussion where I provided a high-level description of my clothing, the gal suddenly said something like OH THE COLORFUL STUFF! Yes yes yes yes, that would be me…

I can’t remember the last time I sent clothes to a dry-cleaner. My wardrobe for YEARS while still pretty colorful has been completely warshing-musheenable. 99% of the time I use one setting. Occasionally I use the hand wash setting but that’s usually when I want to wash a wool blanket. There are things (including blankets) I don’t put in the dryer and with any luck, if I’m at the laundromat, I don’t put them in somebody else’s car…

The dry-cleaner was only one source of my Hanger Hoard. I also bought plastic hangers from various discount stores to hang teenage children’s clothing and, while I was still schlepping to Cubelandia, hangers that handle multiple skirts. Because I am a skirt gal.

The weather was pretty good over the weekend so I put my box of hangers out on the curb. I didn’t expect much interest in free hangers butchya nevah know what people will pick up. I did not advertise them on Nextdoor neighbor because I didn’t really want to incite any arguments for or against “socialism” or whatever. I just wanted to get rid of some hangers.

The GG got into the rhythm of curbside hanger box and he put them out again today. Sometime in the afternoon, my hyper-local weather app notified me of impending drizzle. I started putting my shoes on to go out and retrieve the box and… It wasn’t there. Yay! Except… Later on I found out that the GG had put the box behind the tree where I couldn’t see it.

People have taken some hangers and we’ll get rid of the rest eventually. I do know that Kiwanis Thrift will take them but they have had difficulties opening up and taking donations because, well you know why. They are being careful like all of us need to be (vax or not) but all of us are not.

2 Responses to “My hangers are gone

  1. Margaret Says:

    Socialism? Whattt? Here I thought it was just to share stuff we no longer needed or wanted. I have too many hangers too and WAY too many clothes that I no longer wear. I’m not even sure if some of them fit.

  2. Martha Says:

    This post reminds me of when we moved and rented the house we were leaving instead of selling. About a year went by and the renter stopped paying. We went to the house and it was destroyed, but the most bizarre thing, the floor of the house house was completely covered in wire hangers. There wasn’t a single place you could step that wasn’t covered with them. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!