Neighborhood roulette

I figgered out a couple weeks ago that the neighbors were moving. I did this Gladys Kravitz style by noticing that a professional looking photographer was taking photos. They told the GG in person one day when they were walking by while he was working in the “garden” (the one I refuse to work in).

Yesterday (Friday), the dad was out mowing the grass at a relatively early hour. This seemed a bit unusual but I certainly wasn’t bothered by it. My low-grade spying activities are benign. A bit after that a fancy for sale sign was erected and for the rest of the day (and today) all kinds of unfamiliar vee-hickles were pulling up and people were checking the place out.

Will I miss these neighbors? They were fine neighbors. We were friendly and polite but I’m not all that interactive because I am a y’know, introvert and awkward about small talk. But they were nice and no loud parties or other obnoxious behavior. And a very cute two-year-old daughter.

All of our neighbors have been good but who I probably miss the most are the original neighbors, the Drs. Burke. Drs. meaning phds in education. Oh man, they were fun. Party aminals to the max, hanging out in the backyard on Burke’s Erection (their deck) living it up. There were faaarworks waaarrs with the GG and after Burke died, Mrs. Burke discovered dynamite in the basement and the bomb squad came to pick it up and burned it over in Vet’s Park. Me to the bomb squad guys: Um, can I ask what’s going on? Bomb squad guys: We’re just picking something up, ma’am. And what else? Oh yeah, Burke out in the SNOW cleaning off his car in boxers that hung down so low I could see his crack.

So I dunno who’ll move in next but I finally went online to look at photos of their house and WOW did that bum me out. It was gorgeous and EMPTY. I know that these things get staged but I am still so envious of these young folks. My house isn’t a hoarder house but despite intermittent pushes to get rid of stuff, we still have SO MUCH CRAPOLA. And their basement? I wish to heck my basement was so empty. Then again, I doubt that they adopted crappy old in-law furniture and various other family artifacts. Engineering textbooks from the 1940s?

I won’t say what the asking price for this house is. It is something like five times what we paid for the Landfill. But that’s how it goes these days.

Here’s a pic of our fugly old chitchen. We thought it was wonderful when we bought this place. We FINALLY gutted it a few years ago and redid it. Love y’all.

2 Responses to “Neighborhood roulette”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Home is home. I’m not completely satisfied with my house, and the crapola in the garage beggars the imagination. I don’t even know where to start. Much of it is Patt’s. I got rid of a lot, but there is still so much and it’s an emotional mine field to deal with.

  2. Jay Says:

    What houses sell for in our neighborhood boggles the imagination. There is one that we walk by almost daily that sold for just under $1.5M!!! It is a brick house, but other than that it doesn’t seem to stand out from the rest. I would have expected 800K, and accepted $1M. But, really! And if we sold for these exorbitant prices, we would just have to find something else, and it would be out of sight.

    And to think when we bought our first house we were agonizing that if we could only manage $100,000 we could have such a nice house, in such a nice neighborhood. I think we are officially old.