Whales, buses, bridges, and cows, not necessarily in that order.

pacific-ocean.jpgAnd an ocean, as you can see if you are observant. It will take me quite some time to process the huge variations in terrain that we experienced today. We’re totally exhausted and actually a little sunburnt and yes, we did see whales. And cows. We’re probably in for the evening unless we decide to go on a DVD mission. And we may well not. Since I’m not sure either one of us has any burning desire to watch any particular thing. I hate those indecisive moments at the video store. But I like Berkeley. Liz’s apartment is a nice, comfortable place to return to after a long day of exotic scenery and traffic. Kids playing in the driveway, train whistles blowing a few blocks away, vee-hickular traffic quieted by speed bumps and Berkeley Barriers. We’ll throw together some veggie burritos for dinner. When we are ready to eat. Which may be a while. Life is not so bad today. 🙂 Maybe Grandmother is right. 😉 But this is California and I know where my shoes are.

3 Responses to “Whales, buses, bridges, and cows, not necessarily in that order.”

  1. gg Says:

    Fireworks on the Lake at Ted’s.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    …I think I’ll continue poking my feet into the nice CLEAN water of Gitchee Gumee…

  3. mouse Says:

    THAT LOUSY SNEAK!! every time she talks to me on the phone and hears train whistles she gets mad at me for being in kalamazoo. and here you tell me that she hears them all the time??!?! liiiar!!!