And I got the homemade bread 🐽

My cousin-neighbors and Our Northern Correspondent know I’m here but I’m hidden from the view of the nearest Piedy cabin by the Old Cabin. So when B stopped by the Old Cabin to gift My Dear Uncle Harry with homemade bread this afternoon, I was hanging out on our deck after my work day and I think I startled her a bit when I called out, “Nobody’s there.”

I have known B my whole life. She’s the youngest of seven and almost a year older than me (but who’s counting). I didn’t see her at all last summer because you know why. So there we were standing fewer than six feet apart talking like we always have. Unmasked. Oh the awkwardness we experience as we re-enter physical social spaces. I did a little back beat and said, “BTW I am fully vaxxed.” I figured she was too and I was right. I don’t think there are many COVIDiots on this beach.

I explained my work situation (she’s been retaaarrred from teaching/counseling for a few years). I told her how Harry was doing (fine!) and about the Little Free Library habit he has developed since his wife (my dad’s baby sis) died. She died at the beginning of COVID but not FROM COVID although the [necessary] protocols established for COVID probably contributed.

I have a balaclava here with me? Yes. I have not used it since a week ago. The moomincabin was a bit chilly this morning so I wore my polartech jacket inside until I realized that it was warmer OUTSIDE than IN. That’s a common summer condition here depending on the wind direction, etc. So I put the screen in the back door and opened up some windows. It was hotter than Hades on the beach this afternoon so here I am on the deck and those are this year’s Memorial Day impatiens to commemorate The Commander aka my mother. This year I am here to water them. Hooray!

TGIF and a chore/errand day tomorrow. Cheers! KW

2 Responses to “And I got the homemade bread 🐽”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are beautiful impatiens. I have no luck with them. It is a weird dynamic for sure! I feel unusually awkward about meeting people, especially unmasked ones.

  2. jane Says:

    Thanks for letting B know the situation. And you enjoy that bread!