My route to Cubelandia…

…got majorly hosed overnight. According to unnamed sources, it is the largest water main break the city has ever experienced. It happened at 3:30 AM or thereabouts and early this morning there were about a gazillion helicopters flying around our end of town. We didn’t know WHAT was going on. Later in the day, we decided they were probably scoping out the extent of the damage.

First pic is looking north on N. Maple through the Jackson/Maple intersection. I used to drive north to home on this almost every day.

Next up we are looking south through the same intersection. I used to drive south to Cubelandia almost every day.

This is one of the most notorious intersections in town. It has been improved greatly over the years by the addition of right-turn only lanes in strategic places and a double left turn lane if you are approaching it on Jackson from the west. I have been dealing with it FOREVER from the days we bought grokkeries mostly at the Westgate Kroger. Plum Market dramatically changed that but I have still shopped at Kroger fairly frequently and am starting to again. For 13 years, I navigated this intersection twice a day to get to Cubelandia and back. If I was still driving over there, we’d’ve known about this earlier than the late afternoon.

Pics by the GG who walked over there while I was deep into a work rabbit hole.

P.S. To clarify some rather vague stuff in yesterday’s blahg, the Youghiogheny raft trip was definitely a guided tour. Five or six rafts maybe? What I mis-remembered is that we didn’t have a guide in OUR raft. There were guides in some rafts and other guides who went solo in kayaks and I remember one sitting (grinning) over a particularly dangereuse eddy. Stay away from this spot! I’m sure even in those days the outfitter was capable of handling a quick rescue if needed. People can be really stoopid around water.

2 Responses to “My route to Cubelandia…”

  1. jane Says:

    I was thinking about you and your former commute this morning. Luckily it was not an issue from your couch location!

  2. Margaret Says:

    That is a MESS. Yikes.