I don’t usually post pics of people (except sometimes the GG but he deserves it🐽) because I am REALLY REALLY BAD at photographing people, so a disclaimer that these cousin-y people look much better in real life. I’m hoping that the sun rays obscure my bad photography and that this is okay to post. This is a small set of the cousin-type people who frequent the moomincabin. When I say cousin-type, I mean the generation of me and my cousins and below and our significant others.

Oooooohhh man. We drove two vee-hickles down the I75 SUV Speedway today. A SUNDAY! AGAIN! Long complicated story about why. This trip was marginally better than the solo trip I took a few weeks ago. I seem to be regaining confidence in my freeway driving skills “post” pandemic but I am still annoyed by the constant stream of 85 mph drivers everywhere. The speed limit is ***75***. I remember when it was 55 (which was AWFUL). 75 is fine but 85? Not here in the Great Lake State. Too many frickin’ cars.

And then there was brunch in Gaylord. OMG, Gaylord? What was I thinking when I agreed to that? (BIG DISCLAIMER BELOW!) We agreed to meet the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay (it’s her name) at a popular restaurant in downtown Gaylord for brunch. Gaylord was a Crossroads when I was a kid and it is a HUGE crossroads now, with big box stores galore. Gaylord is CRAYZEE now.

So we were driving two vee-hickles today. Liz drove Cygnus from the moominbeach to Gaylord while I sat in the passenger seat ticking away at the xword. After Gaylord, she went with the GG and I drove solo. He drove her to her home in Detroit and I went straight down to The Planet Ann Arbor.

I did WELL with the freeway today but a couple moiles above the US14 interchange, I’d had enough. I bailed onto North Territorial and then took Joy over to North Maple and down. They are both dirt roads in that area and it was raining and I was thinking that the GG would notice the dirt on Cygnus when he got home. And that is exactly what he did. The first thing he said when he walked in the door was, “How’d your car get so dirty?” Sigh.

DISCLAIMER: It was SOOOOO nice to see the Uncly Uncle and TBG IN PERSON today. The GG has seen them since you know when… but I have not. When I started hanging out with the GG, his identical twin brother and TBG had two children and pretty quickly another one was on the way. I didn’t have children yet and wasn’t sure if I had anything in common with her but boy oh boy I sure do. Such a wonderful sister-in-law. She ordered whine for “brunch” in Gaylord. I sure wanted to but couldn’t because I had warrior driving to do. And dammit. I did it!

2 Responses to “Cousin-y”

  1. isa Says:

    I don’t mind that you posted, but what a face!!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    What fun to be so close to your cousins! I wish I were. We’ve never been close to the nicest ones, and the maternal cousins that we grew up with have gone nutso.